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LIZ - Smokefreeandme, Please come back to us !!

Liz, you have not failed in the least gal :)

We all know how hard quitting the smokes is and you were doing sooooooo flippin well, you just put your goal to high too soon, thats all :) :)

So PLEASE, PLEASE give yourself more time to get off the e-cig eh :)

The main thing is Liz, you've flippin quit the real fags, with all those deadly poisons in them :) :) Weyyyyy flippin Heyyyyyy gal :) :)

Liz, you need our help and we need your help tooo :) soooo please come back :) :)

Pete :) xx

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Pete is absolutely correct, every day is a victory! I remember the countless times I tried to quit it was always two steps forward and one step back. Take it one minute, hour or day at a time if you need to. Baby steps are always the best steps to take when it comes to addiction, certainly when you are addicted to a legal substance.

Echoing Pete, you've given up analogs which in itself is a victory! I've been using my vaporizer for 2 months now and it was still a struggle at times, in no way did it make it easy. Those extra 4000 toxins in analogs form an addiction of their own as well, nicotine is not your only enemy in the path to being smoke free. Keep your chin up, celebrate every day fag free and just keep swimming :)

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Come on Liz you know Pete is right we are all here to help you as you will us keep the faith my friend x x


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