New shiny badge

New shiny badge

I may not have got my official one yet but Monky is working hard out in the fields trying to catch it :) :) so the lovely Betts sent me this one instead with a lovely song,,, theirs a chilled drink ready for you both,, yours is in a tin Monky ;) anyone else is very welcome to raise a glass theirs plenty to go round on the end of our lovely bank holiday

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  • Looking good fresher ....... great badge -x-

  • Thanks Droopy, I love it. X

  • Fresher, thats just flippin sooooooooooooper gal :) :)

    Me thinks its time to celebrate :) :)

    ladies :)

  • That's Great Pete.... how do you attach a pic? I have tried but it never works for me... :*

  • I'm on google, so all I do is --

    open a new tab

    click on images

    write what image you need

    click on search

    a load of pics appear

    right click on the one you want to use

    a drop down menu will appear

    click on ' copy image URL '

    then, right click on your comment, then click paste :) :)

  • oh ok........ thanks don't expect to see a pic attached anytime soon...hhahahahahaha

  • :D :D :D

  • Are you on google or something else ??

  • Spot on gal, I just cant fault you one little bit gal :) :)

  • Well done droopy,,, good grief all these unexpected talents when we pack in smoking :D x

  • I know - whatever next :)

  • Hmmmm, thats whats worrying me :o

  • You need to do a post on how to do all your smilies monkey, I'm used to just pressing them on my I pad but it doesn't work on here so I'm having to go back to basics lol :P

  • Fresher, just hover your mouse over the smilie you want, and you will see how its made :) :P :P to you toooooooo.

  • It doesn't do that on I pads sadly,,, fact sheet neaded desperately haha pleeeaasseee :d

  • lol :D :D :D

  • I use google..... haven't had internet for that long so still trying to find my way round it :)

  • At the top of the page, you will see what you call a tab, you will see a sort of diamond shaped grey bit, hover your mouse over that and it will come up, New Tab :) left click on that :) then tell me what appears :o

  • I'm on my I pad and can't do it aaarrrrggghhh

  • ooh I think I did it - Monky, this one is for you :)

  • 8-) 8-)

    Someone mentioned a party?? :)

  • Where've ya been Betts, come on in and paaaarrrtttaaayyy :D

  • One for Fresher!

  • Ooooooohhhh I can't open it

  • Sorry Fresher

    Having a bit of trouble withy android here, keeps hanging too :(

    Another try :)

    Your simply the Best!

  • Hahaha got it fabulooooosoooooo Thankyou, just watched it through and hubby walked through and just looked at me lol x

  • Amazing and what you don't realise is that it's the tune they play when our local team comes out so every time I hear the Warriors on TV I'll remember it, Thankyou for the support xx

  • You are very welcome :)

    Your song too now :D

  • Haha I know thanks to you x :D

  • LOVING the badge fresher,lovin the 4 week quit more tho.Well done on an awesome effort.




  • Thanks snowdrop but it's 8 weeks now woohoo :D x

  • Hi Fresher, you not got your new badge yet? Tsk. Well congratulations on your 8 weeks. Brill. :)

  • Hahaha I know Monkys obviously still out in the field lol, Thankyou :D

  • He'll be sitting with a tinny eating pringles while his lovely wife is out in the field looking for a shiny badge :D

  • :D :D I like pringles, mmmm. My 12 month old grand daughter loves them, she raids the cupboards looking for them :D

  • A girl after my own heart Sinfree :) :)

  • Are you trying to take the ermmm micky out of me young Lady :o :P :D :D

    Ha ha as it happens I have had a rest from in the field and am sat here sitting with a cannie giving it some slurrrrrrrrp :) :)

  • as if I would...... ;) Its lovely that you got the job of badge hunter :) you carry on slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrping away, I might have to join you with a V ;D

  • I can just see him now sat under a tree with his hat tilted enjoying his can under the tree :D

  • I wish Fresher, I wish gal :) :)

  • Not the Pringles again hahaha

  • So droopy you reckon it's all a front and his poor wife is running around in the fields then :D

  • Er YEP.....if you want a job doing ask a woman.............. but obviously she has a torch otherwise she wont catch your shiny new badge glinting in the moonlight :)

  • Obviously multitasking :D

  • OY, us flippin old boys can multitask as well you flippin know :P :D :D

  • lmao... :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • nite sinfree, enjoy your book, Im off to do the same :)

  • Nite nite Sinfree, Julie, Fresher and everyone I hope you all have a wonderful nights sleep and have the most beautiful sweet dreams ever :) :) :)

    You know that your all mad dont you :o just like me !! and I thank you all and luv ya all for helping me :) :)

    Enjoy your zzzzzzzzz :) :) xxxxx

  • Haha yea we're defo all a bit mad but smoke free yea , night Monky x

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