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Hi Everyone,

We seem to have so many Wall of Winners posts now in the archives that it is making the 'where do I put my name' very confusing for some of you poor members :-/

I'm just ploughing my way through some of our archived 'Wall of Winners' posts and finding some quit dates that I've missed.

So, I've decided to work my way through the many versions and delete them as I go along - This will also mean that any comments under the post will also be deleted. However, before doing so I will do my best to see that all comments have been responded to and make sure I don't miss anyone's quit date :-/

From now on the latest version can be accessed on the following link;



1. Click on the 'Questions' tab in the blue box at the top of the page

2. Look to the right of your screen and you will see 'Pinned Questions'

3. Click on the 'Wall of Winners'

4. Leave a comment with your quit date

I've now updated those whose names I have found but if you cannot see your name up there and would like to shout out about how well you have done, then please let me know :-)

Stopping smoking is such a huge achievement and it's nice to see how far we've come. However, having your name up in lights isn't for everyone and if you do not want your name displayed then that is okay too :-)

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Hey Emjay, can you get HealthUnlocked to program a automatic wall of winners? You could then have it pinned to the side or something. Let members post there quit date and the program should be able to automatically update the badges etc,,

Just a thought?

Kaprin in reply to MMoo

What a great idea saves you some time too Emjay as the forum is getting bigger every day x

Kaprin in reply to MMoo

How clever you are Morriemoo x

MMoo in reply to Kaprin

I'm awesome. . You know that Kaprin :-) how was your holiday?

Kaprin in reply to MMoo

Enjoyable thanks although cooler than I thought it would be but great to get away from work, especially in the circumstances you OK?

MMoo in reply to Kaprin

Glad to hear you had a nice time. Yeah I'm not to bad thanks. I'm still coughing up rubbish, although my lungs feel so much clearer than they have for years. My anxiety is a little better I still stuggle on days but generally I'm a lot better than I was. Have work git you a less stressful position yet? X

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