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Its the second day ended without a cig using e-cig. Need to know about nicotine level i should use. I was smoking dunhil lights with 0.6 mg

The juice for ecig is pretty expensive in Pak it is equal to 12 US$ per 10 ML. Im currently using 18 MG tobacco americano flavor by totally wicked brand made and sourced from USA.

All those who using ecig pls answer where i should be starting on nicotine level and is totally wicked is known to someone in UK or USA. The fluid is of real concern for me. Ecig has helped a great deal i have restricted myself to 10 puffs per time when i feel urged but i have observed the tenure of urge is extending after each session of ten puffs. Feeling good without smelling bad, not giving second hand smoke to my two years old daughter and my wife is happy on this conern.

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Hi Saqib, welcome to quit support!

It is lovely to meet you and congratulations on stopping smoking, you really have made an excellent decision!!!

Regarding the e-cig - when I bought mine I was asked how many cigarettes I smoked per day which was up to 20, and they advised I used the 18mg because of that. Out of interest I asked about the higher one but they said it would be more than I was used to so therefore too much for me. So if you smoked up to 20 per day it sounds like you are on the correct strength, but if you smoked more than that you might need to increase to 2.4 mg.

I don't use Totally Wicked myself but I have heard of it from others on here so hopefully someone else could help you regarding that.

Anyway good luck and stay positive because you can do this!!! :)

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Hi Chrissie

Many thanks, your reply have the answer luckily. I was up to 20 per day and 18 mg is satisfying my need.

I need to ask you since you are same as my case that, will my lips, inner mouth skin and lungs will catch natural position/condition in near future or i have to quit ecig as well to reach the desired results? And this sounds difficult right now :-)


Hi Saqib

Well I am only on Day 14 of my stop, so I have been experiencing the effects of withdrawing from cigarettes and the body recovering from the effects of smoking, which are not always pleasant. Your sleep may be affected and I have been suffering a sore mouth because apparently it gets hardened by smoking but when we stop it does become more sensitive and tender for a while - so in truth these are positive signs of recovery although it might not feel it at the time! You just have to stay strong and get through it and it will be worth it!

On the plus side I have found I'm less breathless than I used to be which is fantastic and although I haven't suffered from it yet, I understand that some people do start coughing up the rubbish that is in the lungs - again a positive sign that the body is recovering.

But stay positive, be happy that you've made this choice and you will get through it and feel so much better :)

Keep in touch so we know how you are getting on! :)


pretty nice and sunny day, driving to office without a cig on hand, hands work more nice on gear lever without clothes getting ash. :-) so Far it is brilliant and i am determined not to touch cig again in my life whenever i get tempt i think of my daughter :-) she is a beautiful aspiration and i can smell her better while kissing her forehead or can speak to her close without danger of transmitting any germs to her.


Hi Saqib, wow you sound happy and very positive - it's lovely to hear!:)

As the days go on you may feel the effects of stopping smoking which are all signs of the body recovering from smoking - stay strong and keep motivated during these times and you will get through them and feel better for it afterwards! You have an amazing motivation which is your beautiful daughter - so distract yourself from not feeling great by playing with her or reading her a story or anything, like remembering how great you feel now, just to keep you strong!

You are doing great - well done and here's to another successful non smoking day! :)


Hi Saquib, Great to here you've given up the cigs, and yes it's the best feeling in the world. I had smoked for 45 years and never thought I could do it, but here I am 7 months on and so happy, I to use the Totally Wicked e-cig, started on 18 liquid strength and now on 10 strength, my next goal is to go down to 6, but I'm not pushing myself as don't want to set myself back.

I know I won't light another cigarette ever. The list of improvements is endless, like better tasting of foods, my skin is better, my teeth are whiter, it goes on :-)

I would say just keep it in your mind that it is also easy to use an e-cig as a permanent replacement for cigarettes, but that depends on the individual. Far better than smoking cigarettes any way.

Wishing you Good Luck, Here's to a smoke free future for all of us. :-)


Thank you all for the kind help. this site is really amazing helping humanity voluntarily to make it a better smokeless place. thank you Guys. Cheers from Lahore.


Hi Saqid,

I too am on Ecig, and been 2 months, after you get through the first week you will not believe you ever smoked and wish you had tried it sooner.

I was on the full whack nic level 2.4% when i started, but i have dropped to 1.6% but think i am not quite ready for it as feel the urge for a real cig, and i never did before, So i will be going back up to 2.4 i think for a while longer.

good luck with your quit x


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