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Good morning /evening,

First of all may I welcome all our new members that have joined us this week , we now have 1.237 members which is brilliant. If the majority of us stop smoking that will be fantastic. So if your new and looking in just bob on here for tips, advice , a good moan, or a laugh. we all support each other.

Chrissy and Louby just think this time next week you will be non smokers yeah! :) :)

Jo33, your doing great 2 weeks and going strong. good for you. :) :)

Dymps dont worry too much about your weekend just keep your e cig at hand and you will be . :)

Jonathan sorry I missed you yesterday , good to see your still our NOPE (not one puff ever) guy. :)

Right got go prepare a spring fayre now , so catch up later. :) :)

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all happy, fit and smoke free, its a gorgeous day down here in Kent.

I am preparing for my sons fast approaching 21st birthday. which is keeping my busy and detracting from recent events in my life. I am still smoke free, and last night in the shower, it dawned on my i hadnt even thought about a reall fag for a few days :) yippppppeeeee this has to be progress lol x


YAY, I think you deserve a bloomin medal for not caving in due to recent events. The 21st will keep you busy,what are you planning? Can we all come ???!! REALLY REALLY windy up here,walked 3 miles back from my mum's in a Gale,started drizzling as well.Both Greedy Benny & his sidekick Mizzle refusing to set foot (paw!!) outside anytime soon.Al,it's gotta be at least 8 weeks since you quit,how long is it? Take Care everyone Hugs to all especially those who are struggling.Helen x


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