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Day 7 of a long haul !

Day 7 of a long haul !

Good evening everybody :)

Well, I havnt got much to say really :o

I got up out a bed this morning, as one does eh, cos one does have to get out a bed to get up :) I went to the bathroom as usual, armed with my new patch, had a wash and a weeeeeeeeeee, doned my patch and went for it :) Look, I was in bed a long time sooooo I needed a long wee ok :P :D :D

By the time you've thought what am doing, I'm cooking dins now, with, may I hasten to add, with washed hands :P :) :)

So far, so good, as they say :) I managed to cook all the dins until mr nic made an appearance, I told him to ermmm, push off, but he didnt :( sooooo, I washed and scrubbed the pans clean :) he went for a while, but came back soon after :( plus my Brotherinlaw walked in the kitchen with a you-know-what in his mush :P :( which didnt help matters eh !! I tell you all, I was just about to throw the towel in, But monkey, my cat, made a funny noise :o so I went to see her, she scarped to the top of the garden :o after that, I've just had a flippin great day :) :)

I've come in the house to get a cuppa, smelt the smoke, but it hasnt bothered me :) I now know, I'm getting to where I want to be, that is smoke free :) I know its early days yet, but I also know, if I stick to my guns, I WILL get through it, with the help of all you lovely people :) :) xxxxx

Take care everybody, Pete :) xxxxx

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Well done Pete! So glad you didn't succumb. Showing true grit and determination, a model to us all. May I learn from you - it's the day to day living we all do (big and little wees included) when the nic rears its head, and we have to be soooo strong. Your cat's brilliant, in the 'nic' of time!


Weever doubt for a second that you'll get to where you really want to be. Just one step at a time eh Pete. Take Care and hugs from Misty and Greedy Benny to Monkey

Helen x


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