Happy Weekend everyone!

Particularly those of you who are just going through the first few weeks of hell time and trying to think what to do with yourselves at the weekend now you aren't smoking. Or even more scary if you are going to go out and you are worried. Grip you minds with steely determination, if we can get there so can you, it isn't easy but you can do it. Congratulations on making the decision and good luck for the rest of your journey. Just for the record I still miss smoking, I just don't crave it like I did. Think the missing takes time to get over, I've resigned myself to missing it like an old boyfriend who has gone away!!! :(. Or anything that strikes a similar resonance with yourselves). Bi for now. Good luck all you lot who are diving in next week, come on and scream your flippin heads off if you need to, I know I did!!

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  • LOL, those first couple of weeks are pretty awful aren't they ! I can still remember my first ever post on here and you were at about the 3 week Mark (maybe even 4) and thinking I'd never get that far.Look at us now my friend,old hands just about!! I know what you mean about missing it,I still do at times,but going back,Nah,don't think that's something either of us will do. HUGE amounts of good wishes heading out to all those who have a quit date of the 12th,as Frieze says,come on here & have a moan or a good cry or a scream but stay away from.those cigs,YOU DON'T NEED THEM.

  • Hi Friez, glad to see you're still going - no turning back now, eh? ;-)

  • Hi ya Friez, Sooooo, it was you that flippin dumped me then :o am not bothered, am not :P ;'C

    You enjoy too gal :) :) xx

  • Oh so agree I think the first couple of weeks definitely the worse, gets better but still difficult, looking forward to getting to 6 months quit, the target I have set myself for no going back well done to us all x

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