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THURSDAY/Daily Chat/6/3/14

Hello all,

HOPE everyone has had a good and smoke free day Anyone that may be struggling with keeping their quit please just shout out and there WILL be support to help get you thru.I managed a 4 mile yomp today down to the sea and back.Makes me just long for those sunny and hopefully warm days of summer that we have to look forward to. STAY STRONG AND STAY TOGETHER because together WE can beat this.Hugs to all Helen x

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Evening All,very late getting on here today but I didn't get back from Preston until late tonight, spent an absolute time on the M6!

Shall catch up god and proper with you all tomorrow, I'm in the office all day :-)

Positive vibes being sent to you all with extra loves to Mardi and Al xoxox


Hey yellow snowdrop really need help. My elbows and knees are well bruised from falling of the wagon tonight, well n truly. 6 weeks 3 days down the pan. Have survived being married to lying, cheating person, divorce, bringing up 3 bairns on my own and finally meeting a great bloke. I don't want to smoke - what is wrong with me!


PS Yomping is my favourite exercise! I yomp a considerable number of miles every day



Sent you a message,think you might have got it by now.

Helen x


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