Strutting about..... Do you notice anything different about me?

New hair do? ..... Nope! New shoes? Nope not today but look here on my jumper.... It's my 4 week badge... Woooohoooo.

Just want to thank everyone for helping me get here, through my wobbly moments and little melt downs, I know I haven't met any of you, but feel like this community is a group of gorgeous people who are the kindest and most supportive in the world.

So thank you xxxxxxxxxx <- share em out lol!

Oh and today I bought the lower level nicotine liquid, still finishing off my 2.4 but once it's gone will be on 1.6 x

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  • Al that badge suits you . :) onwards and upwards gal. :)

  • Thanks jilly x

  • Nope :P :D :D

  • Typical bloke huh!! X

  • :D :D :D

    Hey Al, luvs ya gal xxx And it does suit you :) :)

  • Awww thank you :) in my head it's pink with sparkly bits lol!! X

  • Well, here's a pinky stary thing for you, cos you've been a good Girl :)

  • Well done Al, we knew you could do it. :) Has your man flu gone yet?

  • Hi Andi, have you managed to do some running yet :o

  • Thanks andi, yeah nearly man flu free :) x

  • Woo Hoo, Just look at that bling will ya !! That badge was just made for you my flower.How cool do you look.Well earned.H x

  • Awwww thanks Helen x

  • Well done Al, keep it up. xx

  • So pleased for you Al well done xx

  • Yaba daba doo! Fabulous!

  • Well done Al, I'm on 10 now it was hard at first and took me about 4 weeks, but fine now, so the next level down is 6, not sure yet when I'll manage that, but I know I will :-)

    Onwards and upwards eh, :-) x

  • well done there pinki great feelin yes?

  • Not much is better than ' new shoes' but that 4 week badge sure is

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