First day of work done! Terrific place....great atmosphere :). 15 newbies all doing training together and it was so nice to be a part of the half dozen or so that didn't disappear outside at any chance given :). I must say I felt quite smug!!!!

And I'm gonna love it's a win win situation :)

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone


Mardi xxx

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  • Good evening Mardi, So pleased you are happy with your new job. What a great feeling when you dont have to worry about going off for a ciggy. Well done . xxxx

  • Yippeeee so pleased it went well for you Mardi, sounds like it can be a good distraction for you too. I find being at work easy when it comes to cravings, its the weekends that trick me out! x

  • Good evening Mardi, good news all round then. Hope your leg's (and your Mum's) settled down now. Have a good evening. xxx :)

  • Woot that is epicness right there in itself, Mardi! These huge wins are so important to celebrate!!

  • Thanks everyone !! :). And my leg is slowly improving so def doing a happy dance here :)

  • Congratulations and well done on the new job all is pure sunshine for you which is great, love happy news keep smiling Mardi x

  • Cheers Kap :). As my daughter would say "it's all comin' up millhouse!"

  • I just KNEW this was gonna be the start of new and exciting things for you. You have every right to feel smug not disappearing outside, I would too if it were me. I'm glad you love it Mardi and I also hope the leg and foot trouble has settled.Think it's gonna rain here Ho hum, roll on summer. Hugs to you always Mardi, Helen

  • Thanks Helen! About to head off on day 2! Plus I've got a new wardrobe due to the nearly $900 I've saved in 2 months! Omg life is just ay.may.zing!

    You guys really need summer this year don't you! Spring only a few days away for you! Xxx

  • Good luck with day 2.Nearly bed time for me,gotta do a bit of cat wrestling(they sssssoooo hate bedtime little bu####s)and then I'm done.$900 WOW,that's some new wardrobe,chuffed to bits for you flower.

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