A light hearted downside

I have this evening discovered a small but simple downside to being smoke free for the best part of 18 months. As the autumn draws in and more time is spent in the home I like to cosy the place with a few Joss sticks, just to make it smell homely and warm. Today I have discovered that I am unable to do this simply by virtue of no longer smoking. The reason? I have no lighting implement at my disposal at all!!!! Now of course I write this very tongue in cheek as it isnt really a downside however it has made me realise that once upon a time I would have had a minimum of 3 devices on hand with which to light a cigarette. The fact that it hadn't dawned on me that the house no longer contains one is really pretty cool :) (now sending hubby to the camping stash in the garage). Happy smoke free days everyone :)

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  • Lily May, good to hear from you again. I know what you mean about no lighter.. I live in an over 55s apartment , we have a community room. We celebrated someones birthday a while ago and no one had matches or lighter to light the candles on the cake.

  • Hey there Lily,I totally agree with you, I wanted to light a scented candle earlier & had nothing to light it with,had to email hubby to get matches.Like you a year ago I never would've been more than 2 feet away from something to light with.I'd rather be lighter free honestly.Hugs H x

  • never got rid of mine as I'm always lighting candles :)

  • Never got rid of mine either coz I just love candles :D x

  • we went camping out in the sticks and didn't have anything to light our disposable barbecue!! Ended up eating bread rolls without the burgers - not very nice - but the lager compensated :)

  • First thing i do when i get home. Light the burner in the hall and the one in the room. I LOVE Yankee candles and tarts.

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