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no nipping outside today for a crafy cig wouldn,t be able to light up! Gale force winds up here in the pennines; to quote

Monky soooooooo glad i have given up! staying nice and warm inside, feeling really pleased with my self.:-) in front of the fire with a nice cuppa:-) one more reason to add to my ever growing list of benefits of beeing smokefree. yeahhhh:-)

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Must admit, its pretty windy here too, and I was thinking earlier, a the luxury of not nearly setting my long hair on fire, while fighting with a lighter to try and get my fix :) x


None of the smell of burning hair thanks to the wind whipping it into the cig

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Hi Rainbow, i notice you are at least a 4 week winner, have you started reducing your nicotine in eciggie yet? I dont want to run before i can walk, but so eager to just be shot of the whole thing. x


I'm not using an ecig, I'm using patches and the inhalator. If it helps I'm down to 14mg on the patches. I reduced on my day 40. Could you do a trial? Reduce it but have more out and ready if you need it?


Gale force winds here too in Yorkshire. So good to be able to stay indoors without cravings. :)


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