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Hello. New to this Quit Support community.

Smoking this time round since July 2009.

Roll my own with a filter tip.

Been to 3 "Fag Ends" meetings.

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Hello Buttons, and welcome to quit support. This site is brilliant for help and support. Emjay our lovely advisor will be contacting you and giving advice. Have you already quit or just preparing to? Whatever help you need just go ahead and fire your questions or queries. Please join in our daily chat and meet our lovely community. :) :)

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I am reducing my smoking per day and therefore how much I buy per week. I have been to three consecutive meetings over the past two weeks. I WAS smoking at least 40 a day - sometimes one after another. Smoking more at home than when I am busy out. Thanks for your reply jillygirl


Hello Buttons, day 74 for me. You have come to the right place, they really are a very friendly, helpful and very supportive group on here. Any questions, worries or "is it just me" moments you are in the right place.

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Hello LawnRanger. Thank you. I have not "Quit" yet but have been Reducing and substituting with an inhalator by niquitin. I was smoking more than 40 a day recently. I only started "reducing" two weeks ago. The inhilator "works" sometimes but sometimes the urge to smoke is stronger.


Aup Buttons, sooooo, you've got an inhalator, to help you cut down, I have also got one, they are very good :) Buuuuuuut, I found out that I've been using it wrong :o I've been sucking it like a cig !!

Emjay is our lovely quit support adviser and she posted this a few days ago, which I tell you makes a difference :)

It's funny isn't it?! It's because it's called an 'inhalator', people think you should inhale them. We get a lot of complaints that it catches the back of the throat and tastes awful.. this is because it is pure nicotine - and (as with cigarettes) no chemicals that will numb the airways allowing for smoke and nicotine to travel more easily to the lungs.

The nicotine gets in your system through the mucous membrane within your mouth instead. Much better for you than what is in tobacco and smoke

Use your inhalator as and when you need it. The trick is not to inhale on it, put it in your mouth, point it to the roof of your mouth and kind of 'tut' on it.

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sometimes the nicotene goes up my nose - I have been shown how to hold it. It does catch the back of my throat though from time to time.


Hi ya Buttons, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site gal :) :)

Yes Buttons, I know what you mean about when you get home !! Try to change your routine !! have you got a hobby ?? try to keep busy !! what about exercise ?? What about spring cleaning your house early :o cos that not only keeps you busy, it makes your house smell nice too :) and no fag smells :)

As your cutting the cigs down at the moment, just wondering if this may help you :)

Day 1 - When you feel the urge to have a cig, say no to yourself. The second time you want a cig, have one - and so on and so on for that day :)

Day 2 - When you get the urge to have a cig, say no to yourself, The second time you want a cig, say no again, the third time you want a cig, have one - and so on and so on for that day :)

Day 3 - The same again, but try to say no three times before you actually have a cigie eh :)

Day 4 - The same as above, but try to say no four times before you have one :)

Ermmmmm, I hope you can understand what I have put :o :) but if not, I will try to explane it again when my one brain cell is working eh :o :D :D

Good luck on your cut down gal, Pete :)

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thanks for this advice Pete. Is my hobby blogging and so forth - or is that more like "work"? I know I want to start some knitting or some embroidery - something like that - nothing too "un-relaxing" coz all the women in my family were good at knitting and crochet - it seemed like impossible to be that good. I want to be able to "knit" whilst I am watching the telly or something. Have to buy the bits and pieces first and go to a craft shop. There are stores which sell hobby things at a more reasonable price than some of the "cute" shops in town. I was always quite into "crafts" as a kid. I only smoked my first ciggy aged 18 and was always giving up and going on health kicks.

This time I am too old to not give up.

My lifestyle choice is not improving my life at all. I never did believe that cigarettes were healthy but they did become a "crutch", comfort etc.

I am walking more and intend to do even more exercise.

I like your advice over not having a cigarette - delaying tactics etc.



Hey Buttons, thats what this site is about gal, we try to help each other :) :)

This may help you too :) Before I set my quit date, I wrote down on a piece of paper,

Why I want to smoke !!


Why I want to quit smoking !!

I came up with this.

Why I want to smoke !!

1)They help me when I get stressed out. ( Although this might just be psychological )

2)They help me think. ( here again this might just be psychological )

3)It’s easier than quitting.

4)Simply enjoy it

Why I want to quit smoking !!

1)Breathe easier.

2)Coughing and spluttering.

3)Walk up stairs without getting out of breath.

4)Whiter teeth

5)Healthier gums

6)Breath not smelling of fags

7)Clothes not smelling of fags

8)Better complexion. ( Smooth skin, More colour, Less wrinkles )

9)Better circulation in my hands and feet

10)Better health all round

11)Have money to spend on what I WANT TO ( Not having to put money aside for fags )

12)Getting my taste back

13)Not having a Furry tongue

14)Getting my sense of smell back

15)No standing outside in the cold and wet

16)Not having to think if I have enough fags to last me the day

17)No yellow fingers

18)Not having to carry a pack of fags and a lighter around with me

This is how I got ready and focused for my quit date, I am sure that you could come up with some more of your own reasons, either for or against smoking, so get thinking and let me know, then I can put them on the list eh :)

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Hey Buttons, nice to meet you :) Welcome to the happy family :)

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Welcome buttons to your new journey, well you among similar minded friends to help you on your journey. any problems just shout always someone around to help

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Welcome to the 'gang' Buttons.As long as you're making some attempt to cut down then you'll get to the stop stage eventually.

There's always someone around here to help if you need it so just SHOUT good n loud.Good Luck.H

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Hi Buttons,

I was like you, and joined the site while i was cutting down, and to be honest it spurred me on to give up sooner!!! i could'nt believe it, everyone is soooo lovely and the banter is good, and the advice is worth its weight in gold :)



Your site helped me think of a "quitting day" or whatever you call it I forget lol.

That is why I remember March 1st for some reason. Although some of the things I said on here reckon I have quit just before that. I know I didn't buy any tobacco once I said to myself I was quitting March 1st and using my nicotene inhalator more instead of smoking.


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