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Strange chest discomfort

hi all. New here as of today and have been reading various posts about this but haven't seen anything quite similar.

The discomfort I'm talking about is similar to that same discomfort you get if you have a coughing fit - you can feel it 'heavy' in your chest. Does that make sense?

I quit on Tuesday and I'm finding it very easy - I had done it before (yeats ago). The only issue I'm having is this discomfort. I'm not coughing a lot so it can't be from that. Can any one indicate what the cause may be or if it's just another backwards steps in the overall forward motion of quitting.

Thanks all.

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Hi ya Martin, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit smoking site pal :) :)

Erm, everybody is different, so you quit on Tuesday, so thats 4 days quit !! now you should be erm, there's no easy way of saying this :( but you should be coughing up phlegm by now, which is'nt nice to do, I know, BUT it's your lungs getting rid of all that erm, crap !!

Dont you swallow it, spit it out pal, get flippin rid of it, once and for all :)

When I first quit, I didnt cough much, but when I did, I had a lump in my throat, to which I spat out into a hanky !! Please try to spit it out, dont hold it in, just let it come out :)

Otherwise I would go see your GP, just to be on the safe side eh :)

Hope to see you soon Martin :) Pete

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Hey - thanks for that. I've quit before (5 years ago.. for 2 years) so I can vaguely remember how it was back then though I must say if memory serves me it was a lot more difficult than this time round. I can't quite believe how easy I'm finding it this time. Still get the occasional moment (after a coffee, meal, whatever) where I'm thinking it's fag time but the moment passes quickly.

As for the pain.. I'm just taking it as is. It doesn't help that I have some anxiety issues already that aren't associated with quitting but it does mean the slightest twinge or 'not normal' feeling/sensation does get my head going.

Anyways! Onwards and upwards and all that, right?! :)


Hi Martin, Well done on deciding to quit. I agree with Monky it is probably part of the quitting process. Still might be worth checking with the doc. keep up the good work. :)

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gday mate.yeah this is normal martin.especialy if ya was a heavy smoker. ya head and bod will play all sorts of weird tricks on ya for the first 1 to 12 weeks of quitting

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