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Day 4 of Champix

Hi everyone just thought I'd get into the swing of all this. I'm 50 years old and have smoked 90% of the last 35 years. I have 'quit' several times but never successfully (well that's pretty obvious -duh). The thing is.....I don't even really enjoy smoking! A lot of my smoking is out of pure habit. But turning 50 has made me reassess how I want to feel. Have been trying to get healthy (even tho my doctor told me it's too late for that....so supportive NOT) and smoking has gotta go!!!! Started on Champix 4 days ago and I've noticed I've certainly cut down already. No obvious side effects YET. Christmas Day is my quit day.....a present to myself :)

Anyway I'm glad I've found this site. It's obvious from what I've read that much support is gained from visiting here often :)

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Hey Muddles, welcome aboard to Quit Support :D

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and I couldn't think of a better gift to give to yourself :-)

It's never too late to quit and the fact that you've had a practice run a number of times before simply means that you are more likely to succeed for good this time round :-)

Champix works really well providing you use it properly. It sounds like its on its way to helping you already, so stick with it and follow your plan :-)

Planning, preparation and positivity is all key to success so have a read through all the posts and ask any questions that you might have.

We have lots of lovely members here who are all too happy to share their support :-)

Stopping smoking certainly has its ups and downs but can be one of the most exciting fair ground rides you've ever been on. So buckle up and let's go :D You're not alone and we're right here to support you :-)

You can do this :-)


Thanks EmJay :)

Was just on the phone to my partner who works away a month at a time (also a smoker). He will be home New Year's Eve. Anyway I was telling him how much I'd cut down and that the champix appeared to be helping. I also told him that Christmas Day was my quit day. He cracked up laughing at the idea of me not smoking NYE. *sigh*


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