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9 months

well along my 9 month journey i have had a few hiccups, always when i go on holiday may turkey and egypt september. i realise i need to keep away from duty free shops now.well this journey has been a very emotional one for me. my mum died of lung cancer in october this year. it has now reached the stage when i see someone smoking i want to tell them how my mum died. And that i am now an orphan ok an adult one. However i am really proud of my self of not smoking during a stressful time

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Hi ya, erm, is it Tracy ??

I'm so so sorry about your Mam :( I know she had been ill for a while now :( BUT I am soooooo happy that you are still smokefree :) :) A BIG BIG well done to you gal :) :) :)

I have to go to bed now, cos am noddin gal :o Please please keep in touch with us, and if you just want a chat or a moan, then flippin go a head gal :D :D You take care now :) Am sure the others will be on here soon :)

Pete :) xx


well done stress is when smokers smoke..... and thats a 10 out of 10 in stress so hang in there ya did great


Well done Tracy, 9 months is brilliant. I know what you mean about watching smokers and tempting to tell them off but until they decide themselves you wont change them as Mr Nic has a firm hold on them.

Sorry to hear about your mum its bad enough when you lose anyone but mums are special . I am sure she will still be watching you and feeling proud of you. :)


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