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Good afternoon , I hope you are all ok. and not asleep. Bet Emjay is nodding as we are very late opening the daily chat. :D :D Never mind, better late than never, that is the same saying we use for quitting smoking. Its never too late to quit. So keep positive and focused. Any cravings start to creep in , shoo them away by distracting them.

If you need help please ask on the questions section, someone usually has an answer.

Well I have been out most of the day and I am out again tonight. (sorry Pete) seem to be really busy at the moment.

Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your day. :) :)

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If you play an instrument its a good way to distract yourself.

I haven't picked up my guitar in over 2 years, now I'm nearly as good as Eric Clapton (only joking) I'm rubbish really, but it keeps my mind busy..


Hey Jillygirl, dont you be sorry to me gal, cos you really deserve to ENJOY yourself gal :) :)

Huh, mind you, you are getting a bit like flippin Andi, as in gallivanting about :P :D :D Nite nite now, sweet dreams :) xxxx

Night everybody :) xxxx


I forgot to put a patch on this morning, (was in a hurry) and then didn't realize until 5pm! had a couple of the niquitin strips today but not at all as bad as I thought I would be! not bad as this is day 24. PMA is going well...not sure how it gets on with PMT though! ;-). Night all.


Aup Ranger :)

Hey, thats flippin great news gal, Sooooooo you went very nearly all day without a patch on, that tells me, that you and your body is getting used to being smokefree :) :) But dont let your guard down, cos the nic monster can strike when you least expect it too :o

Erm, PMA - PMT Hmmmmm, will have to think about them eh :o :D :D

Your doing just fine gal, you are :) :) speak soon, Pete :) x


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