Good morning, Another week just starting and like many of us on here just starting our quit regime.Be proud of yourself for starting the best thing you can do for your body. You will soon feel healthier , wealthier and smokefree. just a few of the benefits you get when you stop smoking. You may find it hard at first but stick at it, we are here to support you through thick and thin, laughter and tears. :)

Welcome to boydy day 4 and doing great.

Have a lovely day. :)

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  • That is it, I've had it with nicotine. You recall the Fawlty Towers scene where Basil's car breaks down and he leaps out and starts beating it up with a tree branch. Well that's me with the e-cig. After weeks of spending good money, faffing around, constantly having vile tasting fluid spat in my mouth, being ripped off for replacement atomisers and getting very little satisfaction for my trouble I'm kicking the stupid idea into touch. It might work for others but it doesn't work for me. In fact its enough to drive a person to smoke.

    For now I'll carry on with the lozenges. I'm down to 2mg now so if I can space them out a bit then hopefully I might be rid of them some fine day. Grrrrrr.

    Good morning Jilly. That's a good idea of yours, I gave up counting the days ages ago, now I just need to make the days count. The habit of smoking surely must be gone by now, so all I've got to do is get rid of the nicotine addiction. Suppose the only way to do that is to abstain, like forever. :( Doh, I don't know, how long does it take again for nicotine to be completely out of your system? How long does it take for those nicotine receptors to shrivel and die, remind me??

  • Sinfree you made me thinking of you in a tantrum.

    Sure you will be fine. :)

  • Haha. Mint Imperials seem to be doing the job at the moment, do they have some kind of sedative in them :)

  • Dont know about sedative but they are very nice. Like you say soothing. Or it could be not got the teeth to crunch them. :D :D :D

  • Yes have finally found a sweet that I think is quite safe for my delicate teeth, once you've sucked them for a while they go soft n squishy.

  • Am I going daft again Sinfree? Did we just answer someones question about if doctors can tell if you smoke etc. As I cant find it now. :O

  • Oops, hope I didn't frighten them away I didn't mean to. But yes jilly the question seems to have gone.

  • Hi Ladies, nice to hear from you both.

    Sin, I think you have almost cracked it, 2mg lozenges is great, just believe it yourself, I do and know you can sort this out.


  • Thanks eye, I'll get there one fine day. Mint imperial anyone ? :)

  • Please!

  • Hiya Sin. Erm, dunno how to say this, but a friend of mine used to eat loads of mint imperials. The next time she went to the dentist, she got told off, cos the sugar is around the teeth for a long time and didn't do them any favours. :o

  • :P :P flippin spoil sport

  • That's a bummer isn't it. Oh well will just have to not eat too many. This is what worries me about lozenges, they're supposed to be sugar free, so how comes they're sweet, there must be some kind of sweetener in them which must be equally bad for teeth. This is what concerns me about being on these lozenges for such a long time.

  • That's the spirit. Yes please....would be rude not to

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Jillygirl, a lovely opening again gal :) erm, about you going a bit potty :o well, am keeping stum, not saying note :P :D :D

    Sinfree, well done to you gal, thats the way to go :) by the way, I fancy mint imperials as well sometimes :) I aint had any for a while :(

    Aup Eye :) erm, what sort of spirit are you on then :o :D

    Ooooh by the way, we've got a great big moon here tonight in Derbyshire, I bet our moons

    biggerererererer than your's :P :P :D :D :D

  • Jillygirl, I dont know who you replied to, but that erm, Miseryguts - one has vanished tooooo :o

  • Aup everyone. :)

    Pete, I just had to go and look out - a bit parky out there. I missed the full moon last night - probably cos it was cloudy. It was raining earlier so I hadn't thought to look out before. I think the moon is bigger in the south than up north cos we are nearer to it. ;-) :o :D :D

  • Hi ya Andi :) I hope you've had a nice relaxing day gal :)

    Hmmmm, our moons bigger than your's cos it has to light up all the middle bit of the country, yours just lights up the bottom end :o :D :D

  • Yeah, not too bad - hope yours wasn't too manic. I had a bad night's sleep, then when I'd been awake for over an hour at 6.30,I thought I'd get up. Turned over for a couple of minutes, next thing I knew, it was half past eight! :o

    Small walk on the seafront this aft with my friend - the fisherman was there again so we bought some pollock and had it for dinner with roast veggies. :)

  • That sounds lovely Andi :) and I'm glad you turned over and got another couple of hours kip, cos its good for you :) and your body must have needed it eh :)

    My day, typical Monday, worked 12 hours, seemed about 20 flippin hours :P :( but got through it, and, may I hasten to add, quite easily, as for cravings :) :) You flippin watch, they'l get me tomorrow :(

  • Well guys I am signing off now. see you tomorrow.

    p.s. Pete Tuesday tomorrow and no cravings allowed on Tuesdays. :P Well may be a snack but thats all. :)

    Night everyone and sweet dreams. xx

  • Sorry I missed ya Jillygirl, just bin watching Avicii's video, you get snuggled up in bed gal, cos it gives a cold one tonight, down to minus 2 ish :o Sweet dreams and have a lovely nights sleep :) xxx

  • Nite nite Jilly, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxx

    I'll say nite nite Pete, Sin and everyone else too. Sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, you tooo, keep wrapped up tonight eh, and if you fancy a lay in, flippin have one gal :) and enjoyyyyyy it :) take care now and have a lovely warm, cosy nights sleep :) xxxx

  • Evening All,

    It's taken me forever trying to post on here today as I've been travelling on the train and the network has been rubbish. I've finally sat down in my room for the night, wrote out a long post and whoosh... Where's it gone? I really don't know!!!!

    Just to summarise (it may be here somewhere!) this is the short version of what I kind of said;

    Sin, 48 hours for nicotine to leave your system. Approx around 12 weeks for the nicotine receptors to die down. Not everyone gets the full hit of the fight in the receptors, so try and stay positive and know that you've probably learnt enough about them now to beat them off with a few deep breasts :D

    Pete, we have a full round moon here in (not so sunny) Scotland - however it is pitch black here and I've heard that its going to be minus 4 tonight. There is already frost starting already! 8-)

    Andi, freshly caught fish from the seaside, sounds like a perfect meal :-)

    JillyGirl, a lovely opening to the day. Our community is most certainly growing and it's lovely to see lots of welcoming welcomes :-)

    Big waves to Sue if you're about. I'm in Perth at the moment (Scotland, not Australia-) and I think I'm probably about 49 minutes away from you :-)

    Right, let's see if I can post this post.....

  • Hi ya Emjay, :)

    Gosh gal, you doooooooo get about a bit eh :o :D :D

    I hope your well Emjay, and you toooo get tucked up under your duvet tonight gal :o I'm going to get tucked up under mine duvet now, cos am noddin :o soooo I will say nite nite to you Emjay, you have a lovely nights sleep now :) xxxx speak soon.

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