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Is there a common pattern to this quitting journey?

I got a lot of help from getting your comments on here from a question when I was feeling desperate, angry and depressed, lots of difficult emotions, week 1. Now I am really happy to not be smoking in week 4, have had a good, less intense time, thank goodness, over the last 3 weeks, but since yesterday a 'loss' feeling came back really strongly. I am not going to give in, staying strong!, but wonder if there's a recognisable pattern, stages to go through, like with bereavement. It might help me to be ready for them. I've been laid up with a bad back, so maybe it's just lack of being able to keep busy and diverted enough.

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Hi Betts, WELL DONE! 4weeks thats brilliant, :) I dont know about a pattern to the quitting, but I think most of us find it easier as the weeks go on, however when you do get stressed etc at the time it seems even harder. Like you say keeping busy helps, or like many of us do take it out on something like the vaccum , lawnmower or just shout may seem stupid but it does help. Even chatting on here helps most of us. Sure you will get more answers from the rest of the gang. keep in touch love. :)


Thanks, jillygirl, will do. Good to know you're there :)


Hi Betts it's brilliant that you're 4 weeks not smoking :) i agree with Jillygirl, i don't think there is a pattern to this, it does get easier the longer you go, you should come and join us on the daily chat, it's a brilliant help, and i know i would never have got through this without all there help, keep strong, will chat soon :) x


Aup Betts, nice to see you again gal, ''AND'' 4 whole weeks now, thats just great gal, it is, i think you have got through the worst of it, but like Jillygirl and Sue has said, i dont think there is any pattern to it, because everybody is different :o i'm on 8 weeks at the moment, and is a lot easier than it was, but you know they still keep digging at me now and again, i think its just there last ditch attempt at trying to catch me out, and to get me sucking on them filthy white sticks again !!

You keep with it gal, your doing so so well, :) :) and like the other gals have said, i couldnt have got this far without this site, and the gorgeous people on it, so please if you find the time, come and have a chat with us, i promise that i wont get at you, well not much eh, otherwise the gals will get me, and i dont want that at my time of life :o :)

Hopefully speak to you soon Betts and keep kickin them piggies out of that door :)

Pete :)


Hi Betts, lovely to see you back and a big, fat, huge congratulations on making it to your first month :-)

Feeling this way is pretty normal and as you have already found, as time passes it does get easier :-)

The big however here is, as the withdrawals and cravings get easier, or more or less disappear, it really is important for you to recognise that they may be 'lurking' around somewhere and waiting for the right moment to pounce which would usually be at a time to catch you out :-)

This normally happens when you find yourself quite relaxed and a slight memory of your smoking past may pop into your mind. You may find yourself beginning to focus on this memory and remembering those times which will then stir up some old feelings :-/

Many people do say that it is a feeling of loss, a type of mourning if you like. Don't forget, those awful white sticks have been through many different experiences of your life with you over the years. They're not really a true friend though... in any way shape or form :-( What kind of friend steps in uses up all your money and tries their best to finish you off? Or even leaves you with some sort of debilitating illness :X

Try to remember how addictive you became and your reasons for wanting to quit, use this as your motivator to stay stopped :-)

Pop on over to the daily chat, have a go at Jillygirl's challenge, it really does get you thinking :-)

You are doing absolutely fantastic, well done :-)


Hiya Betts, so glad you managed to keep going and have now got to 4 weeks. Yes it can be hard at times and for me the weather hasn't helped too much. I guess it is a type of bereavement and as such takes us quite a long while to come to terms with.

You may realise I do a fair bit of exercise and I came across another NHS community which you may like to look at and find very inspirational, especially as you are trying to loose a bit of weight. It's called Couch to 5K.

Good luck with continuing with your quit and come back and let us all know how your getting on. :)


Thanks for all your support :). It's great. Must admit I am using the inhalator a lot, just hoping it's OK that I can put off tackling getting off it til later. Got to keep strong about the weight and the cigs just now. I do feel good about having got this far. When my back's better I'll definitely be going on my walks again and check out the website - thanks all.


Hi Betts , I use the inhaltor I find I hardly use it now I am a good 3 months on quitting now.

I put a cartridge in and it last me a few days now. In fact I find it a bit strong when I put a new cartridge in. I use the Boots inhalators they are cheaper and have 15mg. and 10 mg cartridges. Many a time they have offers on.

I went and bought loads of packets whilst they were on offer, thinking they would last me until mid August. I now find I think they will last me up to christmas as I dont need them as much. I hope I havent spoken too soon. :)


Betts, you just keep using that inhalator until you are ready to stop. You can slowly reduce the amount of cartridges you are using as and when you need to :-)

Keep smiling :-)


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