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A bit of a minor victory methinks!!! :)

Got up,made coffee, used Ecig for about 5 puffs, haven't used the thing for the rest of the day until a bit desperate 5 mins,ago 3 puffs and right as rain! That's nearly 12 hrs without even thinking about it.Pretty pleased as health things with hubby a bit iffy at the moment with an endoscopy scheduled for Tuesday.Hooray,maybe,just maybe, this time I'm winning.Sleep tight everyone.

Hugs as ever



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Aup H :)

Awww thats flippin great news :) thats only 8 puffs of your E-cig in 1 day gal, you must be well well chuffed with yourself, cos I tell you, I flippin would be :) :)

Rite young lady, what you have to do now isssss - go and flippin treat yourself :) :) whooooopy flippin doooooooo !!

Your doing really really well H :) and you sound confident and positive with it too, sooo this IS IT, cos you've cracked mr nic :) yep, you've beat him :) :)

Good luck to your hubby on Tuesday, and I hope everything goes ok :) nite nite to you H, huggs and sweet dreams to you gal :)

Pete :)


Hi YSD, that's great progress, good for you, keep going.

I hope all goes well for your hubby on Tuesday.

I reckon you're a winner!



Thank you both xx


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