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Good morning everyone,

Another autumn morning very misty and a bit chilly. How is everyone doing with there no smoking journeys.

It was nice to see Phil join us this morning with his success story. Lets keep those sort of stories coming in. Everyone is a winner on here , whether your in the process of quitting, already quit, or may be just thinking about it. We are here to help each other through good and bad times. So please dont panic about stopping smoking,

we are all here to support you.

Kettles on so join me if you like. :)

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Good Morning :D

JillyGirl, I want one of those puppies, how cute! This week has simply flown by and I cannot believe the weekend is just around the corner! :-/ :D

Stoptober has got off to a flying start and all our community advisors are well armed in terms of hints, tips and advice to share. I just hope that anybody who hasn't set a quit date yet doesn't think that it's too late to join in and that Stoptober runs right the way through October. You can stop at any time and not just on the 1st.

I've been busy already this morning with a couple of meetings and also looking at our Twitter account, there may be a few more members heading this way :-)

Now to sit down for a moment for a cuppa and a catch up on here :D


Hi Jilly, Emjay and everyone.

Just want to say a big warm welcome to all our new members, it's great to hear everyone's different stories and well done to you all wherever you are in your quits. Don't forget, we're ALL winners, YIPPEE!!!! :D :D :D


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