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Just when you think it's safe

Think maybe I got a bit cocky about this quit as yesterday was such a bloomin good day.The old cravings kicked in from the very second I opened my eyes this a.m.& stayed with me for the majority of the day.I ironed and cleaned and cooked but still those cravings stayed with me.In the end I went to the gym and just walked and walked (did 7 miles on the treadmill)and felt better.Been to my slimming class tonight and have lost 3 1/2lbs, I CAN do this.

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Hi YSD, You are very determined aren`t you? Not many people would try that hard to get away from Mr Nic. BIG well done. believe me it will get better, even if you think its a long journey. It is worth it. Also well done on your slimming you must be really pleased with yourself.

Thats my next challenge slim down and watch my diet. As my Dad used to say there is always summat gal. :)



Aup H :)

A massive, gigantic, supernormous well done to you gal, cos I know that tooooooook some doing :) :) cos we all know how hard it is sometimes !!

H, like Jillygirl has said, I know your determined to do this, and you wont let anything get in the way, so if nic comes again, just ''stamp'' on him :) hmmmm just wondering if you tried to iron him today !! :o :D :D


XX Thanks for the great support guys, you totally rock xx


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