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Hi Guys - an update on the journey

To everyone who is new to this site - keep at it. ;) I know my story isn't the best at the moment though I am on my 13th week of not smoking. I have my Bronchoscopy tomorrow and this will determine whether I shall be on curative or palliative treatments which I assume will be radio/chemo.

I have now jacked work in and concentrating on sorting out stuff as they say "getting my affairs in order". ;) I have to say - no matter what happens - we all need to do this , regardless of what is going on in our lives - we could get run over by a bus tomorrow!!!! :(

On the brighter side of my Journey - I have so many people routing for me and praying etc - they don't want to lose me and won't have any bad vibes coming my way. Sooooo . . . . having gone through all the negatives I am now going for the positives and am hoping that I will have the time to go on the madeira holiday that was originally booked for December. And if my friends and supporters have anything to do with it - I'll be going earlier AND later - so 2 holidays this year with a bit of luck :) ;)

For all those who know I have a cat named Ollie - he was a rescue cat - got thrown out of a car window over some moors, so he does have behavioural problems (probably why the 2 of us make a team!) My long term friend who stayed with me for a while when her relationship broke up is now going to take the little rascal on. He will go to live with her in the manner he is accustomed to, and at least I will be able to see him when I visit her. (She really doesn't know what she is letting herself in for!!) ;)

I know treatments will make feel like s***t - so I don't have to worry about him if I have to go in hospital.

If all goes well he may come back - but poor soul - he needs to be settled - so I will have visitation rights!!

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Hi Vee, Lovely to hear your on the positive route now. I know I wouldn't let any negative vibes near me and it worked. Yes you will get your holidays for a lot more years to come I have a gut feeling you will be fine. At least you have a good friend and Ollie will be well looked after. One thing you don't have to worry about. Well hope all goes well tomorrow. I know when I had mine it was reasonably quick. love and hugs. xxxxx


Good Morning Vera, well done to you for sticking at staying stopped :-) This will most certainly contribute to the improvement of your recovery process whilst undergoing whichever treatment has been decided for you.

You're Ollie cat is a handsome furry fella and is lucky he landed on his feet by finding you which probably meant he never used up one of his 9 lives in the process :-)

Great to see that you are in good spirit as this really, really does help. Marching on forwards is the way to be :-) xoxox


Aup Veeeeeee :) :)

13th week quit eh, thats just flippin flippin ACE gal it is, like the gals have said, it will help you on your way to recovery :) and I hope everything goes ok tomorrow with your erm, Bronc____y thing, am sure it will gal :) :)

Am so glad you've finally quit that job too, you have some leisure time eh :) and as for going on your jols a bit earlier, well, I just cant fault you one little bit there gal :) :)

As for your Ollie, it sounds like he will be looked after well :) erm, there was just one thing though, Emjay spoke of Ollie having 9 lives, hmmmm just wondering if your lovely friend who is looking after him, also has 9 lives :D :D :D

Luv en huggs headin your way Vee, I suspect you are asleep now, so you wont be able to get out of the way when they arrive :D :D :D Nite nite Vee xxxx

Pete :)


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