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As Promised - Update on the Health Saga

As Promised - Update on the Health Saga

Well it was a long night and a long day - and sadly no results from the consultation today. Lots of various tests done and repeat X-Ray. The tumour is still there but hasn't grown and he cant see anything else on the chest x ray. The important question as to whether it is cancer or benign wont be answered until this time next week - after the CT scan results are in. The lung nurse specialist could see how upset I was and promised he would phone me personally next Monday after chasing up the scan results. Sooooooo - nothing can be done and I have spent enough energy on the whole thing - I am going to let go of it all - and occupy myself with normal things until I know what I am dealing with. Ollie my cat has the right idea - animals just live one minute at a time - are totally oblivious to the future. He basks in the sun when it appears, and snuggles up on the bed when its cold.

I am going to take a leaf out of his book this week, and just chill out. Thank you all for you on-going support it means so much to me. I was asked if I was still smoking - and proudly said that I wasn't - even though 2/3 months doesn't seem long to the doctor man - it sure is to me. I will keep my posts more upmarket this week in keeping with Ollie's philosophy on life - although he was in an almighty scrap with another cat earlier on!! ;) :D

By the way - the pic of Ollie was one I took when he was in 'jail' at the animal sactuary before he rescued me!!! :) :)

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Hi Vee, I'm sorry it will be a while before you know what's going on, it will be so hard for you, it's a good idea to live for the moment, like you said, if you can, I know that won't be easy, but you have all of us, as well as your friends to help you through this.

Your doing amazing not reaching for a ciggie, just shows how strong you are, managing to do that with all the stress that your going through.

Take care. Sue x


Hey Vee, you know what they say dont you, '' no news is good news '' so while you aint got no news, thats good eh :) :)

Vee, I feel so so proud of you for stayin quit at this hard time, I now know you are a true Lady, with guts and determination :) you stay with it gal :)

If you want to upmarket your posts Vee, thats fine with me gal, cos we've got an offer on here this week, do one post, and get another free :) :D :D Vee, you keep your chin up and keep smilin gal, you take a leaf out a Ollies book, and enjoyyyyy every minute of it :) :)

Take care Vee, love and huggs headin your way gal :) :) xxxx


Hi Vee, isn't that just typical - keep moving the goalposts and you dangling on a string or knife edge. You are strong, you have not succumbed to sparking up with all this going on and that's just brilliant. :) Keep your pecker up, enjoy your lounging around with Ollie and speak again soon.

Love and hugs, Andi :) xx


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