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Little update but no results yet

So lovely to see so many newbies to this sight, just thought I would update the oldbies tho, had my mri scan Wednesday but won't get any results until next week when I see my consultant so still keeping my fingers cross d, trying to cut down on using my electric ciggie but feeling very well at the moment considering? I really am feels my the benefit from quitting now, think I'm around 4 months nope, no coughing whatsoever which is fantastic and my immune system is working as I have escaped loads of virus's the kids have had the last 2 months. Thank you all my lovely friends on here for your continued support, any newbies keep coming on here keep nope and these guys will help you get your health back, will let you all know my results next week once I have them, have s lovely weekend everyone x

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Great to hear from you Sharon πŸ˜ƒ

My immune system isn't up to scratch like yours lost my voice then had a tummy bug 😷 think everything that's happened in the last several months finally caught up with me 😩

Off to watch my son play football fingers crossed for your results

Catch up soon πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ



Hiya Sharon, good to hear your immune system is working well as there's a lot of things going round at the moment, so lucky you πŸ˜ƒ

Hope you get good results next week and 4 months quit is fantastic so you're doing the best thing you can for your health by staying quit πŸ‘

Good luck next week, will be thinking of ya πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•x


Hi ya Sharon, its lovely to see you :) and doing soooo well too :) although you have some issues at the moment :)

I'm sooo glad your feeling the benefits of quitting now :)

I'm keeping everything crossed for you next week and sending you loads a stay chirpy vibes and warm cuddly keep your head up high huggs :) :)

I'm soooo proud of you Sharon for staying quit at this hard time for you :) and like you say, NOPE not one puff ever :)

Take care now and please keep us informed :) :)

Sending you loads of happy vibes cos I know you dont like Sundays :D :D


Hi Sharon, I was just thinking of you earlier and wondered how you got on with MRI. I sure hoe it is a positive outcome.

That's awesome that your immune system is working well, I guess mine is going to get tested as we move closer to winter

4 months quit is massive with what have been going through, stay strong and true to you.

All the very best this week πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΊ 🌹 🌺

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Thank you lovelies all your support and best wishes are important and keeping me positive, yes monky you remembered how much I hate Sunday's lol, now I actually despise Mondays but I think most people feel that way! Love to you all xx


Sharon, I hate Mondays toooooo gal :P :P :D :D soooo, your not alone on that one gal :)

But Sundays, just try to love em, cos that is your relaxing day, the day you put your feet up, lay back, a comfy day, a day with your children perhaps :) a day to doooo, flippin note gal :D :D

Please please Sharon, try to leave a day for yourself :) :) just to relax and get things together :) :)

Take care now Sharon and a massive big well done to you for staying quit through your troubles :) :) xxxx



My advice with the e-cig is to be careful not to get on the slope of increasing your dosage/regular usage. I started using it more and more some time ago which made me more dependent. If that does happen, just make an effort to cut back down again.

Don't hurry to quit the e-cig (unless your Dr. suggests you do), it's easier if you get past all the other aspects of withdrawal from the other chemicals in a regular cigarette.

If you are using a tobacco flavored e-cig, it might be worth changing that (who buys a tobacco flavored cake). I used menthol for some time and now I have quit the e-cig I find that a peppermint tea helps with some of the withdrawal! I'm lying to my subconscious, so very deceitful! But it's a white lie for my own good.

Keep it up and embrace the new energy you have.


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