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A little better - mentally!!

Hi All, Just doing a little blog to say that I'm hanging in there and calming down a little bit. The problems are obviously still there - but am trying to move into the space of "can't do anything about it until next week" ;) You are all so supportive and joining this group is one of the better things I have done. I probably would've had a fag after the news I had the other day - but hey ho still 'clean'!! :) cheers everyone xxx

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Ohh, glad you're managing to hang on, and well done for not smoking. Try to make the best of the weekend, you'll be ok. :)


Good for you Vera, staying positive (even though its so hard to at the moment) is the best advice I can offer just now. It'll help you to be mentally strong in preparation for everything next week xx

JillyGirl has been in touch and says to send you a special hug. She'll be back on next week once she has Internet again :-)

You're one of our true winners Vee and we're with you all the way :-)


Hi Vee, glad to hear you're in a better place today. I guess it's always so different in your line of work - what you say to everyone else over the years, but when the boot's on the other foot, ...... well," shit happens" as they say. :o Hope your weekend goes okay. :)


My heart has always gone out to the ones I have looked after - and no one in my care was ever 'routine' - that's one of the reasons I did the job. I find some nurses quite callous when I have gone in as a patient, and I don't let on I was a nurse - it makes them very cagey!! I remember patients from 30 years ago and I hope I helped them in the way I would like them to help me now. However - once degrees and university stuff comes into it - the compassion seems to be a little less. We were interviewed by the nurse tutors and a priest to ensure our motives were right!! Anyway - that's history, Yes - the boot is on the other foot - so if the staff care half as much as I did, then that will do for me ;)


Vee, you sound a lovely, caring, helpful and conscientious young Lady :) :)

We are all here for you gal, so if you want to scream and shout this weekend, then, you give it to us gal, cos I got my ear muffs at the ready, and my crash helmet, got books down the back of my trousers, so am ready for anything your going to chuck this way :o :D :D :D

Take care now Vee, I will help you in any way I can :) :) xxxxx


Unfortunately compassion doesn't sit alongside careers and targets quite the same as a vocation, having said that the consultant my husband saw was so pleased to give the good news that everything was ok that she came to her consulting room door and told him straight away before we even had chance to get in the room, she was lovely.


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