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This blog is a bragging blog - it is completely different to my usual blogs because it relates to a brilliant day that we (himself and me that is) had on Sunday last, 9th June.

We attended our second car show of the season at a park in a town about 40 minutes away from where we live. The day dawned a little cloudy but the forecast was for no rain and possibly sunny periods with a high of about 17 or 18 degrees – perfect weather for showing any car.

We arrived at the (public) park to find that not only had the grass been cut but they had also taken away all of the clippings (West Yorkshire towns please note that South Yorkshire towns do it right). We were directed to our ‘spot’ by one of the many officials who all looked brilliant in their fluorescent orange or yellow jackets and judging by the number of cars already in place, it was going to be one helluva show.

It actually opened to the public at 10 am and by 11 o’clock, there must have been nigh on 500 to 600 folk walking round admiring all the cars on display. We were next to a Bentley Brooklands which was owned by a lovely couple who when we parked said you can hit me but not the car!

That set the theme for the day – everyone being so friendly and that was probably helped by the fact that we all had a common interest – cars. The cars on show came in their hundreds – I actually gave up counting when I got to 750 – there were big ones, little ones, really vintage ones and modern ones. All lovely and clean and shining in the sun. There were black ones, red ones, white ones and all the colours in between – we even had an American Police Car complete with working two tones, which the owner set off regularly throughout the day making everyone jump as it sounded like the car was directly behind you but everyone finished up smiling when they realised that they hadn’t been 'pulled over' and 'nicked'.

There was entertainment for the whole family with a dance display, a brass band or two and a dog show to name but a few. We had a few spits and spots of rain at about 11 o’clock for about 5 minutes but after that the blue sky appeared and the sun fair shone. My other half forgot his hat and finished up with a toasted forehead and bald patch (which grows bigger every year!).

Judging started at 12 noon and there was some stiff competition in all of the classes. I didn’t envy any of the judges but they obviously relished their task. Never realised that there was so much to check in judging – they even had a look at the underside of the cars. Thorough checking of the interior was followed by a check of the boot and then a more detailed check of the engine and engine bay. Finally they got round to checking the outside of the vehicle in that paintwork was true and untouched, both sides were viewed from the front and rear to ensure that there were no dents, they even checked the petrol filler cap and cover!! A check of all four wheels and tyres then ensued before a look at the car from centre front and back to see ‘how pleasing to the eye’ it was. We were then given a slip of paper to say that we had won but what we didn’t know because they apparently save that until the presentation.

It fair chuffed us to bits that we had won something and weren’t particularly bothered what – just winning anything was enough for us and I certainly felt like my hard work of Saturday had been worth it.

Lunch was home-made ham sandwiches with a portion of chips from the café in the park and they were astonishingly good followed by melon and grape which was lovely and refreshing.

All the time the judging was going on there were literally hundreds of people still looking round all the various cars. Young and not so young – families, couples and singles they flocked to the show like bees to a honeypot. We had a lot of admirers of our car especially men of a certain age who wore this ‘grin’, ‘secret smile’ call it what you will on their face like they had just died and gone to heaven. It was so nice to meet so many really lovely people and talk to them about our car and all the cars that were there. A lot of them had attended last years show (we didn’t) and they said it beat last years hands down.

The time of 3.30 pm finally arrived and the announcements were made as to who taken second and first place in the various different groups. To our utter astonishment, we had actually come first in our class and as the winners, we were presented with a lovely cup which we keep for a year and a ‘first place’ commemorative plaque for the group winner which we get to keep for all time.

All in all a truly wonderful day with some wonderful people and a day we will long remember. My other half is still on cloud nine some 4 days after the event!

Pic is of the trophy and plaque.

Next show is 30th June and we are both looking forward to that as we shall be taking both cars and will probably meet some of the people we met on Sunday which will be nice and hopefully some new folk as well. Here’s hoping that the weather plays its part and is on its best behaviour!

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What a great day! Makes me wish I'd been there, good fun, and a winner too!


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