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My Darling Amelia

My Darling Amelia

My Darling Amelia,

I hope these words find you doing well at your new place. Sorry I haven’t written for a while but you know how it goes. It’s all too easy to not find the time to keep in regular contact with those we love and care for. Here, I’m keeping our home the same as it was before you had to go away and it’s still filled with all the love and affection we share.

Guess what? Go on have a guess! No, OK then. I’ve been finding out about how to stop smoking once and for all. I bet that surprised you didn’t it? The smoking was all getting too much and a couple of years ago I was getting through about fifty a day of those damn things. From what I’ve read, smoking like that will lead me to illness and eventually an early cremation not to mention the strain it’s placing on our money.

Yes, I know I’ve tried, more than once, to give up the habit of smoking. This time it will be different. I’m taking more time to prepare including getting some professional advice. I started off a few weeks ago by having a look at the NHS Smokefree website for information and from there I was able to find a helpline number. Thought of what I was going to say and a nicely spoken woman kindly informed me of a couple of NHS Stop Smoking Services that are fairly local to where we live. Another ‘phone call and I found out that one of the stop smoking services is weekly and not that far from here.

The day arrived! Ready or not Quit Service, here I come. It wasn’t quite that simple though. The weather turned and the heavens opened as though all the angels had decided to cry in unison. Maybe smoking demons were trying their best to make me turn around and go back home. No way was I doing that. The journey had begun and the end wasn’t going to be on that day.

Splish splash, splish splash… Eventually I arrived, although a bit damper than when I set off. Had to sign in and wait a short while. Soon I was talking with Clive and another stop smoking advisor. Both of them were friendly, understanding and took into account my medical condition. They thought I should go back to see them in a few weeks in the hope that I was feeling better and had it firmly n my mind that stopping smoking was what I still wanted to do. “Take care.” “You too” and I set off for home thinking about what they had said.

I’m going to make good of the time until I see the advisors again and gradually reduce the cigarettes I’m presently smoking. Plenty to do here to keep me occupied and reduce thoughts of smoking. Remember you Dad how he used to tell me the way he stopped smoking by just having one before going to bed? I suppose we all do things differently.

That’s what I’m up to then my Darling Amelia and I’ll finish this with quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’. You know the meaning to us so I don’t need to explain do I?

‘So they are;

My spirits, as in a dream, are all bound up.

My father's loss, the weakness which I feel,

The wreck of all my friends, nor this man's threats,

To whom I am subdued, are but light to me,

Might I but through my prison once a day

Behold this maid: all corners else o' the earth

Let liberty make use of; space enough

Have I in such a prison.’

I will let you know how I’m getting on as soon as I can.

With Love,


PS, Hope the shop is up and running!

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What a lovely blog and good luck with giving up.


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