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Hi this is formerly chocolatelimes just wanna say to wanna be smoke free you will do it when I first tried giving up smoking I would come onto this site and it was your blogs that kept me going because whatever I was feeling you were writing so we shall all try to keep you going because you kept me going and its now seven weeks and it doesn't matter if you've fallen by the wayside because we shall all try to pick you up and help you start again because that's what friend's are for love donesmokin

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here here :)


I 2nd that!


Thank you all three - you're just too good to me - now if I can stop my halo from slipping and strangling meself - will start from the beginning (yet) again because this is not just for me but who can resist such a plea - certainly not me!!

Thanks again.

Luv and hug



Hiya Donesmoking :) That last sentence in you blog just reminded me of a song by Bruno Mars, I hope this works :)

I 3rd that by the way

Pete :)


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