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I don’t know the full story of the comments left on my blog that I posted on Sunday, but I am aware that one of our number sprang to my defence and for that I am very grateful and thank them very much. Needless to say, I think that everything that can be said and done has been either said or done and as far as I am aware that is now an end to the matter. In my defence, I have to say that that particular blog was not posted for any ulterior motive; it was just a blog like all my others. It was not done to cause offence, animosity or upset to anyone or anything and it most certainly was not done with malice aforethought. You are all by now aware of my blogs and what they contain and roughly how long they last, so if my blogs offend you, bore you or you just don’t like me or them, then please, do not read them. I will not be offended if you don’t read, in actual fact, it would please me if you didn’t as then I will know that I cannot have offended you in any way, shape or form.

:O Just one thing I would like to say and put on record and then I will not mention anything to do with this again – when I looked in the mirror on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today, I was still me, Kath, aka Iwannabe-smoke free and previously known as Buttons52. Did pinch myself just to double check that it hurt so as it did, I can definitely say I am me, still me, and forever will be me. :P Now that that is cleared up, let the blog begin!

Unfortunately, I had a bad day on Monday but not in the fact that I smoked a cigarette, I didn’t but I did have a ‘bit of a do’ the details of which I won’t bore you with but needless to say, I finished up Monday afternoon being confined to bed. So, good did actually come out of it, because Monday became my quit day – day 1 - so here’s hoping that it is third time lucky! Always handy to be too poorly and sickly to light up it does wonders for the boosting of your morale when you feel so ‘yuk’ that the thought of a cigarette makes you feel, if at all possible, iller (but as my spell check says there is no such word perhaps that should be more poorly)!!

Tuesday, I didn’t go to work and still felt quite ill so wasn’t interested in smoking at all. Went to the doctors Tuesday afternoon with the result that they have changed not my tablets this time, but how many I take and also given me another one (3 times a day) for good measure. Blood test at the hospital and booked in for an ECG in a fortnight then I have to go back again. Oh well, at least life isn’t boring by any stretch of the imagination at the moment.

Back at work today and it’s gone quite quickly because I’ve had 2 days’ work to catch up on and Wednesday is always a bit frantic as it’s wage working out day so that usually keeps me quiet and tied to my desk until lunchtime or thereabouts. Much to my amazement, I have found that today I have neither thought about cigarettes nor have I really wanted a cigarette so either my brain has now realised that I am serious about quitting or it is the remnants of being poorly that are saying to my brain ‘don’t smoke, oh please don’t smoke’ or words to that affect. Must admit it has been truly wonderful not to have wanted either an actual cigarette or a craving for a cigarette but, unlike last time, I am not going to be complacent – definitely on my guard for that beast called nic!!!

It has been a really beautiful day here today and it seems the forecast for all for the bank holiday weekend is fine and dry and not too hot which means that we can all get out and about whether it be walking, jogging, running or cycling the main thing is fresh air and sunshine after the winter we’ve had will be super. Just going for a stroll will do us all a power of good! Off to a car show on Monday and hope, providing the judges like us, to be up for a prize but shall have to wait and see – not really bothered about the prize although obviously it would be nice, just like meeting all the different people (although occasionally we do get the same people) and talking cars. The sky is so clear here that I am just watching the stream of smoke from two planes as they approach what I think is Leeds/Bradford airport although what do I know, they could have just taken off from Manchester Airport and be on their way to somewhere exotic. Whatever they be doing, whether coming in to land or boosting to a higher altitude, nice to have a clear enough sky to see them. A few clouds which are like a dark whisper grey with a bit of a pinky/red tinge. Really super and must try and get some shots of the setting sun over the next few days as think they will be quite spectacular. Post a couple if I am successful and see what you all think.

So everyone, day 3 comes to a close (yet again) and it has been a good day and let’s face it, any day when one doesn’t have a cigarette or really think about cigarettes is always a sooper dooper day! They are the sort of days that make us want to carry on not smoking – well it works for me, how about you?

I know that these past 3 days have been easy, some would say simple, as when you feel as c**p as I have for the first 2 days, smoking is the last thing you want to do and it is so natural not to smoke because you don’t want to feel any worse than you already do! However, I am well aware that I have fallen twice before but even though this is my third attempt at quitting since joining this lovely site, I am determined that this time, there will be no third fall as twice is definitely enough!

Not as long as usual but long enough I’m sure. Going to have a bath then a cup of tea with perhaps a biscuit for my supper and then bed – need more rest as still a bit under the weather. Hope you all have a super evening or what’s left of it anyway and tomorrow is Thursday so for those of us going to work, take heart, as we’ve less to do then we’ve already done and not only is it a weekend, it’s a bank holiday one so an extra day.

Ideas already being mulled over for the next blog so you have been warned – be aware – be on the lookout – blog will land shortly!

Take care everyone – remember, together we are doing this.


:) :) :)

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Hi Kath. Sorry tio hear that you have been poorly, but are on the mend. :-o Hopefully the improved weather might help. 3 days down....that's great. Just do what is best for you and take each day, hour etc as it comes. We are do this and remember you are not alone on your journey...we will always be here for you :-) :-) :-)

Take care my sweet 8-)

Sue xx


Morning Sue

You're bright and early this morning - but can't blame you as it is such a lovely actually gorgeous day!

Definitely one day, actually, step. at a time - don't need to run 'cos this time I'm gonna get there.

What's that old saying "slowly, slowly catchee monky" that's assuming he wants to be caught! Never know though, might not be the same monky depends if he is on day 3 or 4 as to whether I can him up!

Have a super day - smoke and stress free!

Take care



For some reason, I do not understand this at all. If possible, could you re-write so that I know just exactly what it is you're saying? Much appreciated. Thanks.


Would really like to know what it is exactly you are saying here John. Perhaps there are others too that would like to know. Asking again as it is so long since I asked the first time think that either my original request or your explanation must/seem to have disappeared into an abyss!



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