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Now I always thought this was from something written by William Shakespeare but to my great surprise it is not so, it is actually a quote by Sir Walter Scott. However, I am not trying to deceive anyone – especially myself – and that is the main and probably the only reason I have used it as the title because I do not want to deceive anyone. I am not a new member, although I have to admit that it would be far easier for me if I was. I have been a member of this forum before under a different pseudonym – Buttons52 – so there you have it, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Now I have no doubt that there are some that will think I should not be allowed back in any guise perhaps they are correct in that and they are obviously entitled to their opinion. I quite deliberately erased myself from the forum because at the time of doing so, it felt like it was the right thing to do. However, when it was too late to change my mind, the deed was done and I could not undo it. It was a mistake and one that I have no doubt I could and probably will pay dearly for in the not too distant future. You are probably not aware that once deleted you are unable to either undo the delete or use the pseudonym again so, because of my stupidity, I have had to re-register under a different name.

Now if the majority of people wish me to withdraw from the site permanently, then I will do so – you, as the mainstay members have the right as far as I am concerned to ask for me to leave, and if you wish you can leave a comment to that effect on this blog or alternatively, you can pm EmJay who can then let me know whether I go or whether I stay.

I do deeply regret my action and can only say that I am sorry. All I can say in mitigation for what I did yesterday is: Can any single one of us say, with our hand on our heart, that we have never ever done something that we wished we hadn't and/or regretted as soon as it was done?

Whatever you decide, I wish you all success in your quest to be smoke free and am certain that together you can and will succeed.

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Hello Madi

Thank you - not been a good week for me but yes, I am feeling better today especially as you seem in favour of my staying!! This time I will try not to be a class A idiot - although the habits of a lifetime are not easy to break - and will endeavour to be a better person even if it means not blogging any more.

cleopetra2 YEAR WINNER

Hi Kath,

I recognised you too, from the title of your post. Madi is right. Get something to help you and stop beating yourself up. I just wrote a really long blog post, as I do about one a fortnight and the whole lot disappeared when I pressed publish. I am not writing it again, because for one thing, I can't remember it all word for word. But life goes on. I was peeved that I lost my blog but I'll survive, as will you.

Welcome back.


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Hi Sally

Many thanks - will definitely consider having something on standby but stubborn as I am would much prefer to do without anything but you never know, perhaps if I have something to fall back on I won't need to use it! The fact that it is there may be the incentive to do without unless of course I am really desparate which I could well be.

Afraid I cheat, and do my blog on a word doc first and then copy onto blog form that way if it disappears, I still have it. How sad am I that I keep all my blogs - sometimes it was just what I needed to give me the courage to carry on - shame it didn't work that couple of times.



Hello John

Not too sure that I understand all your reply. I do smoke but I don't want to. It must be nice when everything is so not complicated and is therefore so black and white and hence so straightforward but from my prospective there are colours in the mix which does tend to affect things.


bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Kath, STAY missed ya buddy. Whatever life throws at you it,s sometimes better to have friends around to chat it out. I Vote stay :-) Sue xxx

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