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Think it might be time to say good night xx

I think my wonderfull MUM is losing her fight with PSP. Mum is in the later stages and has just developed a serve chest infection normally after Two days she has bounced back but we are on day 5 of this infection and Mum is still in bed still asleep and struggling to fight on. We are all feeling hopeless, lost and heartbroken because there is nothing we can do but make her comfortable and be with her.

Please light a candal and if your religous say a prayer for Mum and my family to give us the strength to cope with what lies ahead. xxx

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thoughts and prayers are with you, and I am glad you are part of a family that is so caring, may you all be a comfort to each other.



sending you calmness,strenght and love.


My thoughts and prayers are with you as they are with everyone who is facing this final stage with their loved ones I lost my Darling Husband 7 weeks ago , the pain is almost unbearable at times I know what you are going through but hopefully to know that all of us are here for you may help .

God Bless x


Just to give you calm and support in this difficult moments... Hold her hand and be with her as much as possible. I loss my mother last Saturday after three weeks at hospital, fighting against last PSP stages. I know you´re living quite difficult moments... so calmness and strength... My thoughts and prayers are also with you.


Thinking of you and your Mum xxx



I am not religious in the church meaning but I will certainly think of your mum and yourselves as you sit with her and help cross from this life to the next. May she pass peacefully and may her loved ones on the other side be there to meet her..

It's such a difficult time, I know. I lost my husband to PSP in April of this year.

Thinking of you all during this sad time.




Hello Back. I'm really sorry to hear your news - I hope you find the support and strength to get through this incredibly tough time. Our thoughts are with you.

Fran & family x


My thoughts are with you all. I pray your mum isn't suffering and must feel loved knowing you are there.

Take care



Thoughts and prayers are with you.

there are only one set of footprints in the sand as you and your family are all being carried.

Keep strong



Praying for you all.

Much love



My Heart goes out to you all. I will pray for your Wonderful Mother and for each of you. With Love Saoirse


God bless you all and may you find the strength to get through this very difficult time.

You are in my thoughts.



All my thoughts and strength are with you xxx


Back, this is such a difficult time for you all. Wishing you light and strength



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