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Update on how well my mum is doing since leaving hospital 7 weeks ago 😁

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For those of you who gave all your wonderful advice all them weeks ago I just want to give you a brief update with some photos.

After lots of talks with physio, drs consultants about how dangerous it would be for mum not to have a peg fitted and constantly trying to tell me it wouldn’t be possible for mum to go to London, some family members thinking I’d lost my mind by even trying, I can confidently say it was the right decision.

Mum has come home on Pallative care, has her bag of meds to keep her comfortable when the time comes, but most importantly she has had her very successful trip to London and had many family meals and trips out to restaurants.

Yesterday she had a check up at the doctors and so far there is no sign of infection:)

Her daily routine consists of 3 coffees and a caramel slice, before carers arrive to give her breakfast and cup of tea after dressing and showering her. We then do a bit of shopping before lunch and then it’s tv time before evening meal.

There has been a lot of coughing and choking but although this will panic her at times she is aware of the risks and continues to choose to eat.

Mum went on the London Eye, madam tousauds (?) had a facial in harrods, shrek land, London dungeons and a west end show, where she cried because it was our last night and she had made it!! The following weekend she had her brothers n sisters, nieces nephews grandchildren all visit a huge family meal. She has had many more since and we are even starting to plan for Christmas:)

Thank you all so much for your support xxx

16 Replies

Just realised I can only add one photo ??

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Bargiepat in reply to Sarah1972

Try to upload to 'google images' and the post the link.....

Brilliant what you have achieved. XXX


Dear Sarah

How wonderful. I am so glad you went ahead with your trip to London sounds like your mum had a great time.

She looks so happy in this photograph.

Keep on doing what your doing you are giving her so much love and joy.

Love to you and your mum

Lynda xx

She is one determined woman as are you. Congratulations on getting it done.

that's lovely. so happy for you all. Keep enjoying the moments every day. xxxxx

Oh Sarah what good news. Your Mum looks great too! She has done more than I have! I am so pleased for her you,and the rest of the family! What good memories you all have?

Marie x

That is purely wonderful! Good for you and your mum! What brave adventurers.I'm very impressed.

I found when my guy choked that it helped him to raise his arms above his head while I gave a little pat - or more. He said the value was really in giving him something he could do to help himself, which helped keep the panic at bay.

Dear Sarah

How wonderful that you have been able to share adventures with your mom even st this stage in her PSP journey. Life is about quality and you are giving her bucket loads.

Love Tippy

Sounds like your mom had a good trip and lots of good memories were made.


What a great job you are doing! It take courage. I believe that Life with out risk is not worth living .

Absolutely Brilliant Sarah!

What wonderful memories you and the famiky are creating giving your Mum such a wonderful time.



That is a lovely thing to read I am so pleased that you made your trip and that you have made all those happy memories


Fantastic. You all are amazing. Sounds like great FUN πŸ’œ

Fabulous, Sarah!! Bless you for trusting your instincts and trusting/honouring your mum :-)

....Now...about that bowl on your head..??

β£οΈπŸ’– Anne G

That was mums sister πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Glad you had a wonderful time, certainly crammed plenty in! Ben chose not to have a PEG and I would do the same if I were in the same situation. Keep on enjoying life as long as you can with your mum.

Love Kate xxx

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