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A sprinkle of pops

Dear all

I hope people don't take my blog as being irreverent as I love my dad with all my heart. Pops died 12 weeks ago and today we scattered his ashes in the garden of rememberance. There was me and Keith who had washed and dressed and put him to bed every night until the last 2 nights pops was with us, and my daughter and her boyfriend.

For me it was putting dad to bed one last time and I felt so sad and lost, but.....pops didn't disappoint. What did we get on the day a 90mph wind!! I had nearly as much trouble controlling him today as I did when he was with us :) He would have chuckled if he had been here seeing me dance around trying to scatter the ashes in a nice controlled manner. We had time to say our goodbyes though and talk about not only the humour of today but also the good times we had with pops and we left with a hole in our hearts but a smile on our faces.

We are putting a Magnolia Tree in our garden in memory of pops and the PSPA and we will be sprinkling his remaining ashes around the tree so that dad will finally be back home with us.

I hope you all don't mind me sharing this with you but today has meant a lot to me.

I send all my love to everyone out there who is dealing with or supporting someone with PSP. My thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

Take care

Lesley x

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Hi Lesley

What a beautiful story. So sad that you lost your dad, but as I have always said, it is so important that you try to maintain a sense of humour. Your dad would have been so proud of you and is probably having a real chuckle at your dilemma when trying to scatter his ashes! Lovely that you feel able to share this with us on here.

I think the idea of planting a Magnolia tree is great. I'm sure it will floursih with your dad's ashes to help it grow.

Love to you and all your family and take good care.

Love SuzieQ xxxx


Thanks Suzie.

One of the greatest gifts dad gave me was his sense of humour and always seeing the bright side of things was something dad did all his life. I know he would have been chuckling if he had been here today :)

I am sure the tree will grow and be as strong as he was. Thanks for your kind words Suzie

Lesley x


Thank you for sharing Lesley, brought a bit of light into this otherwise dark place of PSP, it is wonderful to read of the support given by all the family to the patient.


Thanks Kay. From what I read on the blogs the support given by all carers to their loved ones is immense. I only wish I could do more. Thanks for reading

Lesley x


Hi Lesley, thank you for sharing your lovely story with us, it gave me a smile, my dad would have seen the funny side too.

I love the thought of planting the Magnolia Tree, I think I may just do that in memory of my dad, who I also cared for at my family home. Through out his suffering with PSP he still loved a good laugh.

Sorry for your loss, continue to remember the good times.

Take care.



Hi Daria

Seeing the funny side of things is what has kept me going I think. Its nice to hear your dad would have seen the funny side too. We are doing the garden up next year so the magnolia will go in when we do that. It will be nice to know that someone else is also considering a magnolia tree too.

Thanks for reading

Lesley x


Hi Lesley...your story made me chuckle....not irreverent at all. Anything which brings a smile to your face has to be good even on a sad day. Hope that doesn't sound wrong but I think you'll know what I mean. I also hope the tree grows from strength to strength.

Take care & keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx


Hi Hazel. No it doesn't sound wrong at all. I'm so glad you understood and thank you so much for responding back to me.

Take care of yourself

Lesley x


Hi Lesley,

Thanks for sharing this with us - as the others have said it doesn't seem irreverent at all. I think it's lovely that you remember your Dad with laughter and I hope your Magnolia blossoms and flourishes.

When my Grandad died and Mum and Nanna were scattering his ashes Nanna turned to Mum and said "It's not really HIM, is it?" and my Mum repiled "No, we're just getting rid of something he doesn't need anymore" and I've always remembered that and find it comforting to think that, when Mum's time comes her body will be gone but the spirit of her will be with us, in our hearts, forever. She will have no further need of the physical body, which is failing her terribly, but she will still be with us.

Take care and give yourself time to mourn

lots of love

Kathy xxx


Thanks Kathy. Thank you for sharing your story as it provided me with some comfort as well Your mum sounds like a strong lady and I will remember her words. Take care of yourself and my love to your mum

Lesley x


Aw that was really nice to read. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad.

It made me smile when you mentioned the 90mph wind! My Dad is also a handful!

Keep your chin up, thinking of you x


Hi Hannah

Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope your dad is ok and that you are taking care of yourself.

Love Lesley x


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