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Aspiration pneumonia


Can anyone tell me what I’m liking for if I suspect pneumonia.

Colin is coughing a lot, his voice is husky and cannot day many words without trying to take a breath, he has not got a temperature.

I’m asking as I don’t want to call a doctor out as I have so many almost fights with them as Colin does not want to go to hospital under any circumstances, they even said to him last time he will probably die if he doesn’t go, and I said would probably die if he does go, as our hospital has a bad name for hospital superbugs.

Anyway if anyone can tell me what I’m looking for so I can only call doctor out if definitely needed.

Thanks in advance

Love and hugs xxx

Helen xxx

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Hi Helen

I'm sorry you are facing this. If you suspect this then you need to get a GP in urgently, it's very serious and can run away with itself. Consider also a chest infection, which can develop into a pneumonia... Also requires urgent treatment.

What are the symptoms of aspiration pneumonia?

Someone with aspiration pneumonia may show symptoms of poor oral hygiene and throat clearing or wet coughing after eating. Other symptoms of this condition include:

chest pain

shortness of breath



blue discoloration of the skin

cough, possibly with green sputum, blood, or a foul odor

difficulty swallowing

bad breath

excessive sweating

Signs and symptoms of a chest infection

a persistent cough.

coughing up yellow or green phlegm (thick mucus), or coughing up blood.

breathlessness or rapid and shallow breathing.


a high temperature (fever)

a rapid heartbeat.

chest pain or tightness.

feeling confused and disorientated.

Both of these make the person very debilitated and out of it.

Best to you both



Thank you Kevin, all this is so hard everything I do is a fight at the moment, I have the doctor ringing me later so will get some answers then.

Thank. You for replying missed you being around,

Love and hugs xx


Yes, PSP is such a constant climb up a steep mountain sometimes.

Good luck.

I hope Colin is OK.

And, thanks. :)

Love and Hugs



Hi Helen,

Kevin's post as usual says it all... (l too am glad he is back).

I just want to say you & Colin are in my heart today as you deal with another struggle of 'what is the right procedure'. I know it is so frustrating & frightening!

Sending gentle hugs... Granni B

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Thank you. I can only do my best xxx


You are a wise woman! That's all any of us can do Helen...


Hi Helen,

Just offering support really. I remember how stressful it was not knowing what to do for the best. Chris never got a temperature when he was quite ill.

He was confused and weak.

If in doubt then talk to the doctor. Let us know how you get on.

Love Jean xx


Thank you Jean. No temperature still eating and drinking very confusing xxx


My son had two bouts of aspiration pneumonia. The first time, Nov 2016, his behavior was off but no visible symptoms, but I knew something was wrong. I live in CAlifornia, USA, and have Kaiser Permanente for our health insurance. I called our general practitioner and asked if I could bring my son in. My son was talking and walking....without a cane or walker. When the MD examined my son, he was pretty sure it was pneumonia....aspiration...and gave us antibiotics to take at home (after lab work). My son recovered

The second time was March, 2017. Again my son was not acting "right". I took him in with him using a cane. He was checked, lab work, and IMMEDIATELY referred for hospitalization. He was there for 7-8 days, had a PEG installed as he couldn't pass his swallowing test. When he was dismissed he not only had aspiration pneumonia but also sepsis.

I wish I could tell tell you of symptoms other than his "NOT acting like himself", but none come to mind. I kept a journal, but can't locate it right now. Will keep looking and if more info comes up, I will let you know.


Thank you , yes Colin’s behaviour is “ not right”, Doctor has been out last night and given him antibiotics for chest infection as only a slight crackle in tight lung. So hopefully he will be better soon. Thank you for replying xxx love and hugs xxx


Lets hope you've caught it early and the antibiotics sort him out. Thinking of you. xxx


Thank you xxx


Hi Helen,

You don’t need to go to the hospital, you can call your GP and have a consultation over the phone.

Had this experience a few weeks ago with my B, GP prescribed antibiotics after consultation over the phone and it sorted out the problem

Best of luck



I would suggest nebulizing with Duolin and Budacorte as the medicines in the breathing apparatus. Thrice daily prior to meals. Symptoms should clear within two days. Keep head in slightly raised position while sleeping to prevent saliva from dripping into the aspiration tube into the lungs.

feed him only when sitting up. Use a vacuum pump to draw out the phlegm stuck in the tube.

Pneumonia is bad for PSP patients.


Thank you

Love and hugs cxxx


Thank you I rang my GP last week, when Colin had a urine infection, they said for me to call 999 as that is what they would do if they came out.

I use 111 now twice they have come out and been so helpful even supplying the antibiotics there and then, brilliant service and both doctors have said they can understand why Colin does not want to go to hospital, both docs have also said to call them anytime I worried about him.

Thanks for replying

Love and hugs xxx

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