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Hi all,

I’ve been told it’s time to have a hoist for Colin, as he is struggling sitting up and bending his legs, so making it very hard for me to get him out of bed and onto the commode.

Has anyone had experience of these, they say a ceiling hoist will be out in but that takes time, so in the meantime a gantry hoist or a mobile hoist. I think they want me to have a gantry hoist, but Colin is downstairs in the living room, so will not be much space to have that going across the room, I believe it has legs on stands.

Anyone any experience or advice please

I’m devastated that we have got here so quickly.

Feeling pissed off to say the least, but can see the need

Love and hugs

Helen xxx

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We have an invacare hoist not had to use it yet, been told once you use a hoist there is no going back to a Rota stand, we have had the OT in she has ordered us a different rota stand that can be used by one person. The one we have has to be two people. Bloody marvellous do you really think yourself you need to use a hoist. The one we have is on wheels and you can move it about it’s not massive. We could not have a ceiling hoist, with the way our ceilings are. Yvonne xxxx

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Oh Yvonne isn’t it a nightmare, I have had 3 Rota stands, 1 for 2 to use and 2 for single person to use, they were brilliant, but Colin now finds it difficult to actually get from sitting to standing even with me yanking him up. So now they say hoist is the only answer.

Helen xx


Oh Helen well that’s the way forward 🙁xxxxx


I used a hoist with dad sometimes, when he was especially weak or I was tired and didn't want to manually do a transfer. We had a mobile one on wheels and the 2 "legs" would move in or out to make the base wider thus more stable. The thing to learn is where to hook the sling onto the hoist, most have adjustable straps. You want it so when lifting the person they come up in a mostly sitting position. Depending on your comfort level it may take 2 people to do a lift, one to control the lift and another to watch the person as they are lifted.

By the time dad ever needed a hoist using the bathroom was out of the question. We did everything just like they would in a hospital type setting, Adult Depends (diapers), external catheter and bed pads.



Thank you for replying, Colin can just about still sit on the commode, just getting him to it is a problem, he would like to carry on using it until he can’t.

So mobile hoist is better for 2 people, but can be operated by one?

I think I’m just going to hav to go with what they suggest. I don’t think I will be able to make a informed decision, too many firs and against for both from what I’ve seen in the internet aswell.

Thank you

Love and hugs xx


A local woman here swears by the toilet lift she had installed, it bolts to the toilet and is motorized to lift the person about a foot. She now uses it to dress her husband as well for its help. But she said it was something like $1600.


Helen my husband had both when he was in respite!! The one that is floor standing just didn't work for him because the carers didn't understand PSP. They expected him to help!! The ceiling hoist did work but was a two person job! Either way I can't see you managing it alone.

Marie x


The hoyer lift we had was quite good. Very maneuverable, even in tight spaces. We didn't use it often enough for me to get really adept, but it was not something that needed two people to manage.


Thank you, they. Are saying it will be too heavy for me to use, so they want me to have a ceiling hoist, but until it can be fitted a gantry hoist, I wanted the movable one, but I don’t think they are going to let me have that.

It might sound selfish but it’s all going to be in the living room, which is where Colin is, to enable him to be with all the family more, but if there is no space for sitting then we might loose the ability to have everyone around him comfortably.

I just have to go with what they say I have to have.

Thank you for replying

Love and hugs xxxx


Single carer ceiling hoist worked great for us.

Chc funded, eventually!


I think that is what they want me to have eventually, but it takes a few weeks to be fitted. Hopefully will work for us too xxx


We have been through all the hoists and stands etc and now have ceiling hoists. So much easier and I manage it effortlessly on my own, Took a while to sort slings out for toileting access but it's all so much easier.Hoist is very discreet , one in lounge , one in bedroom. No mess on installation.

G W xx


Brilliant that sounds so good, thank you for that



Here is the US I have not been given that option, but it sounds good. The hoyer lifts used here are very big. They take up a lot is space and are difficult to move and handle, especially with a big guy,

Please let us know how it works for you.

Best of luck . MAy you have the strength to deal with all that’s coming your way.



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