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Merry Christmas


I would like to thank you all for being there for me, Amanda was my life line she keep my sane, thank you Amanda love yo to the moon and back again beautiful lady, we had a service in London, after the service, people were about to see him, it was like he was going to jump of the conffin saying I am only joking, he looked really good, can’t believe how tired I am feeling. when you go on do domething was for your tea up. We raised

1140 pounds for the Psp society x after the chapel service, people wanted to go in with George , our daughter Joanna decided that she wanted to go and see her dad, he had be embambed so how looked good, thronoff to a restaurant for some lovely Greek food in the restaurant over 76 people, then they were flying him out to Cyprus on the Wednesday, we arrived on the friday and had the funeral on the Tuesday , drive up to Georges village is a good 45 minutes , our son in pat wrote a love trilogy for George it looked like a dead village then all of a sudden the church was full it was amazing😇 nearly 75 people in the happ sad ☹️ vices was lovely snow they raised money for the church anoth 870 people back to the restaurant time to eat and celebrated Georges life. Would like to say yo Amanda I am always here if you need me. It was hard to come mohe and leave George there. We knew it would be could so George had a thermal vests think shirt a gillet and thick bottom and his beloved cap. I am going back to Cyprus for a service for George.

Amanda think of you at this very sad time, always here if you need me, I mean anything, you and your mum and tough ladies.

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Hi Yvonne

Merry Christmas 🎄 right back to you

It looks lovely where George is resting

Please take care of yourself and start relaxing more now

Hugs sue xx

Yes sue he has a beautiful spot, miss him so much.

Hi Yvonne

I understand what your going through and is awkward this time of year

I also talk to Archie a lot in the room as his photos and some of his ashes are with me

Take care


Sue x

Sue it’s like a sense of peace xxx

Dear Yvonne

What a wonderful send off you gave George both in London and in Cypress. You must be exhausted after all the planning and organisation

Take care of yourself, now is the time to focus on you and regaining your strength for the journey ahead.

With love and hugs at this difficult time

Tippy xxx

Tippy have a photo of George on my kitchen window often talk to him, looks like his eyes follow me, with a smile in his eyes. So many problems in the house since he left, I talk to him about it all. Yvonne

Dear Yvonne

I think that is so lovely to have a photo to talk too. I am sure I will do the same. After a life time together old habits must stick. Hope the house problems get sorted- rubbish timing!!!

Hope to catch up in the New Year

Lots of love and a big hug Tippy

Yes so many things have gone wrong, bad plumber. Love to meet up

In the new year. Sending you a big hug. Yvonne xxxx

Glad to hear from you Yvonne, it sounded quite a send off for George and you must feel proud that he was so loved by friends and family. You said that he wanted to be buried back in his home country and well done for fulfilling his wishes, that must have been a mammoth task. You, like me and many of us here are now left with the memories and to pick up the pieces and start over and am sure your loving family will support you through the difficult times ahead.

Sending lots of love and a big hug, hope to see you in London at some point soon.

Love Kate xxx

Oh Kate it is so difficult didn’t realise I would feel like this, just reread my post sorry for so many typing mistakes I wrote it after I took a tablet to help me sleep, it’s a mess so sorry. Had a massive breakdown last night, now Christmas so near you must all be feeling sad, who have lost a love one xxxxx

It's shitty isnt it Yvonne, I'm going to Bristol for Christmas, can't really enthused about it but glad I'm not at home as I think that would make me more sad. I'm guessing that you just want to shut out the world and be with your thoughts, I know that's how I felt (and often still do) at the beginning, it takes time to process all that's happened and the prospect of your new life. I know you have a lovely family to help you ride this storm and navigate your way through the grief. Look after yourself dear lady and hope that we can get to meet up in London later in the year when you are in a place that you feel you can face the world again.

Sending much love and a big hug

Kate xxx

Kate glad you are going to Bristol to be with family, not looking forward to it at all, would like to wrap myself in a blanket on the sofa, children have all changed there plans so we can all be together Christmas Day xxxxx

Darling Yvonne

You are one amazing lady and one of the very best friends I could have ever met!

You have been a rock to me.

Like I said if George and Dad hadn’t of had this despicable illness then we wouldn’t have met, so we always have to try and take something good from something bad and oh boy, you and I have done that!! I love you Yvonne and always will! You will always be a part of my life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart X ❤️

My dear Yvonne, I have been thinking of you, knowing what you were going through, but WOW, to organise taking George home, that must have taken some effort. Well Done.

I understand the wrench it must feel to leave him in Cyprus, but in truth that was just his body. He will still be with you, watching over you and your family. Listening to you, trying to give you the strength to carry on.

Of course you feel tired. Grieving is an all consuming past time. Plus you have to physically get over all the caring first. Be gentle with yourself. Give extra time to do things, I found it took twice as much time to do basic tasks, then I would have to re-do them, as it was wrong the first time. This is all perfectly normal, as is any other feeling you are going through, no matter how nutty you think you maybe!

Know we are still out here for you. Glad Amanda was able to give you some support. I hope she is letting you help her now.

I won't give you the rubbish that time heals, 'cause it doesn't! But like everything, you will learn to live again and life will find its new normal. This is the final hurdle of PSP and the only one you can fight to make sure it doesn't win again.

May George finally now rest in peace, in his beloved Cyprus, finally free of this evil, evil disease.

Sending you a huge hug and much love

Lots of love


Thank you Anne the children were amazing I let them do a lot, I just couldn’t focus on things and still can’t if I am honest. I blamed myself for him dying that I couldn’t protect him, then I felt I wanted to have him back see him one more time, just to say I love you, and when I go upset I didn’t mean it I was tired, I am coming to terms that I did all I could, maybe not always happy but with love for him. We have been invited to his centre today to the Christmas party, so my daughter and myself are going with a couple of boxes of cakes. I will alway be here for Amanda at this sad time and for you all I love you all xxxxx

We all feel we should have done more. Yes, Steve died on my watch as well. But Yvonne, what more was there we could have done???? When was there time to do more??? You are right, we spent our precious time in a tired, frustrated state. But again, how could we not have been in that state? Both of us and everyone else here, did our best. Our men knew we loved the right up to the end. What more could any body really really wish for?

Lots of love


Thank you Anne sitting here remembering and having a little cry, off to his centre soon for a little Christmas party xxxxx love you Anne you always say the right things xxxx

Oh Amanda you are one amazing person, what you did for your dad, I have so much respect for you. Love you too and I am honoured to have you as a special friend. Thank you for your support her for you always. Sorry about my post reread hope everyone can make sense out of it. Love you Amanda here if you need me xxxxx

Of course we can make sense of your beautiful post. I thought for a minute you’d be on the old vino but of course I know you don’t drink 😍

I’m having a ‘few’ meltdowns, suppose it’s hard not too? We will ALL be ok as there is no other choice. Thinking about you as always my lovely x

in reply to Satt2015

Nothing wrong with tears or meltdowns. All part of this horrible road, we now find ourselves on. Amanda, you are perfectly correct, we will ALL be OK, there is no other choice, our loved ones demand that of us. Anybody that has been what we have gone through is definelty strong enough to survive.

Lots of love


Oh Anne we all love you. Xxxx

in reply to Satt2015

Been thinking of you Amanda, my mum died on 20th December many years ago and it makes it doubly painful as you have those fab Christmas memories to look back on. I'm guessing there will be lots of reflecting, tears and hopefully smiles and laughter as you all look back on life when your lovely Dad was not ravaged with the the effects of that crappy disease.

Sending love and big hugs

Kate xxx

Also been thinking of Amanda and her mum today, sending you Amanda so much love xxxxx

in reply to Satt2015

meltdowns are not only allowed - they are obligatory. Its called grieving.

Thats one of the things we have learned on this journey.

big hug to you and your mum from Jean xx

Yvonne, you have had such a busy time, but as the place where George's body lies, looks so beautiful, it looks like it was energy well spent. It is good to hear that your family are with you as we head towards Christmas. I hope that despite George not being with you in body, you will manage as a family to enjoy the celebration a bit.

Best wishes for you all. Julie

Yes I know happy really he is where he wanted to be xxx

Good to hear it all went well, Yvonne. Thank goodness you had the children to support you. I know George wanted to rest in Cyprus and you will feel comforted that you were able to fulfill his wishes.

Its a hard time. We all feel how we could have done it differently and have regrets. I agree with Anne that we get used to living with the pain, rather than getting over it. Even that takes time. Its a difficult time of the year anyway.

Cuddle those grand children and remember that if it wasn't for George they wouldn't be there - what a legacy !!!

Lots of love and a big hug from Jean xxx

Thank you jean yes thank goodness for our children and grandchildren, oldest one is home from university she did my tree and I sat on the chair with my tea and we had a lovely chat beautiful granddaughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ How are you jean I often think about you? Xxxx

I won't pretend its easy, Yvonne but I'm okay.

Perhaps we could meet after Christmas ?


I would love to meet up after Christmas jean xxxx

Love and hugs to you Yvonne xxxx

Thank you back to you xxxx

Dear Yvonne

How lovely that you were able to take George home and give him such a magnificent send off to celebrate his life with all his family and friends.

You have loved and taken care of him so well. He will be watching over you now .

I send you lots of love and hugs and wish you a peaceful christmas surrounded by your loved ones

Lynda xxxx

Thank you x

Still lifting you and your family up in prayer, Yvonne.

Thank you xxx

Dear Yvonne, what a wonderful farewell you gave George. You must be exhausted. Although he is not with you in body, he is in your heart and will never really leave you. So many things will remind you of him; a song, a smell, and very many other things and my prayer is that one day in the not too distant future, you will be able to smile at the memories instead of cry. There is nothing wrong with shedding tears, I still do occasionally but laughter and happy thoughts lift my spirit and make me want to live as my darling would want me to knowing peace and joy again. May 2019 be a year of new opportunities knowing George is now at peace and free from the horrors of PSP.

Sending you a big Christmas hug and love to you and your family at this difficult time.

❤️ XxxX

Thank you Bev really appreciate you lovely words xxxx

Dear Yvonne it is so good to hear from you again. You have been missed.

George's funeral sounded lovely. I love where he has been buried, a lovely spot. He is free of PSP now Yvonne but will always be in your heart. Your Granddaughter sounds lovely. She did what mine did and put the tree up. Otherwise I might not have had one as I have broken my wrist! Doing this with one finger!

I hope you have a happy Christmas Yvonne. George would want that. Anyway he will be there with you and family in spirit. I really feel Garry's presence even now.

Have all the meltdowns you need Yvonne. I am only doing that now because I stupidly bottled everything up. You have a good family and they will support you now.

Much love to you and lots of hugs too. We are all here for you.

Marie x

Oh Marie hope your wrist gets better soon, been thinking about you all but felt so sad to add anything, but have been reading different people’s messages. Thank god for grandchildren xxxx my children have been amazing xxxx

Well done Yvonne! What an accomplishment to take such good care of George in both life and death. I hope it brings you comfort to know you did everything possible, all along the way right up to that wonderful resting place in Cyprus!!

It has helped me deal wirh losing my hubby :-)

. And now a whole new challenge!..dealing wirh grief and being single again - most unwillingly!....Life's learning never ends, it seems. Good luck Yvonne, and here's to a better 2019 for us all. ❤️❤️❤️

Anne G.

Anne thank you, let’s hope 2019 brings us some peace in our lives, never thought it would be so hard, wrapping up presents and only my name on them, had a cry again, I am looking forward to Christmas Day. Big hug coming your way. We have all done our best and the careers that are caring for there loved ones I wish you all a very merry Christmas . Yvonne xxxxx

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