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Hi you lovely people, we are back from Cyprus, very sad 6 days, we had so many visitors coming to see George, all his brothers and sisters, their children, cousins, and learnt a lot , apprantely George's mum had the same symptons has george has, they thought at the beginning that she had Parkinson's, but the decided it was not, she had the crying, coughing, and a lot more, that relate to PSP, and the falling backwards, she had it from 46 years old and died at 52, there was three sisters 2 died young and the third lived until mid 80. It seems very

Weird , and a bit worrying, for

All the children, feeling concerned. They have offered to do blood test for the trial in London, will speak to the doctors on the next visit. Well we came back on Tuesday, and I have got such a bad cold, that all I can do is lay on the sofa. Love to you all and missed you all Yvonne

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  • Welcome back Yvonne. Disturbing news about George's mum isn't it. I really hope it was a dreadful coincidence. I'd hate to think it has been passed on to our boys. If the blood tests take place and you find out the results in the future, I 'd be interesting in hearing them as I'm sure other would.

    Back to the old routine then Yvonne. I think you may have bought some good weather with you. We had a nice walk in the sunshine today.

    I hope your cold soon dissappears. Lemsip and brandy help me.

    A good thing about virtual can't catch colds from the one you are hugging.

    Sending you a big one.


  • Thank you xxxx

  • Welcome home Yvonne. Glad you got to see all of the family. What trial are you talking about and blood test. Sorry you came down with a bad cold. Rest as much as you can.

    Virtual hug (Yvonne) and xxxxx

  • Audrey there is a trial going on over here for PSP, and George's family offered to do blood test, because it is a bit worrying about his mother and her sister. Also the 3rd sister who died in her 80s her children, 4 of them had the same symptoms as George. George has had a catheter fitted, feels like a whole new life, as anyone else had one fitted, no more wet beds less washing. Xxxxxx

  • There were other relatives who displayed signs of PSP?....Wow....Maybe they will do more than a blood test!

    I know this is a very sensitive and personal issue...but have you and George thought of donating his brain? (just consider it , you don't have to answer) forgive me if I am being terribly insensitive. Bruce and I have discussed it and have plans to do that.....

    So many things to think about and worry about.....

  • We have asked George but he says he does not want to, will have to wait and see xxxx

  • Not an issue to be forced.


  • i do hope something positive gets accomplished. Sometimes I wonder if knowing is better than not knowing if something runs in the family.

    Audrey xoxoxo

  • Hi Yvonne,

    Glad to hear you're both home safely and sorry to hear you've got a cold, must be the change in temperature back home!

    I do hope you enjoyed your holiday with the family around you both and sincerely hope it doesn't go any further with the blood tests. I suppose it's as well to check though, it could rule out no connection with PSP. Please let us all know any results.

    Lovely to have you back, sending you a big hug to help make you feel a bit better!


  • Pat glad to be home, it was very hot out there, so much more difficult, but easy to dry sheets etc. How are you Pat? Brill keep you updated. Thank you for the big hug. I am feeling a bit better, good to hear from yoy. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • I'm not too bad thanks Yvonne, Keith seems to be fairly settled at the moment, no falls or trauma recently and a couple of his friends have stepped up to the mark and take him out for a couple of hours each week which gives me a welcome break! xxxxxx

  • Pat glad you are getting some time to yourself, we all need it. Xxxxxxx

  • Welcome all Ihope you had a good visit. It seems as though they know it is not genetic. Ane I do hope so, but reality is that they hardly know it's PSP in the first place..This disorder seems to be wrought with misdiagnosis...who know that there's not a chromatid out there just waiting to attack the brain...or whatever! like NannaB, I do hope and pray that it was just an awful coincidence. Is that George in the right front of the table? I don't know if they are all blood related, but boy is there a resemblance to each other!...handsome family!


  • Yes that's George me opposite and our children, and my brother and his wife xxxx

  • :) Even with all the other stuff(y) it looks like a wonderful place and a wonderful time!

  • Hi, Yvonne! Welcome home. It doesn't sound like you had much of a vacation. i hope there were good moments. I always catch a cold when I travel; i hope yours eases soon. I recommend hot water with lemon juice, honey and whisky for a cold. In fact, I may be feeling a bit of a cold coming on now....any excuse will do!

  • Will try it, but I don't drink. It was really for George to meet up with his family, they had fallen out years ago, I just wanted him to be at peace with them, which we achieved, so happy about that, everyone that came brought cakes, never seen so many. Xxxxxxx

  • Then that was worthwhile, and good for you for making it possible. I wish you a good rest and a recovery only as speedy as will allow for your getting that rest first!

  • My daughter just lives around the corner she has been good xxxxx

  • Chris has exactly he same hat as George is wearing here! I also relate to your comment about he washing drying quickly. At the beginning of this week we had two days of rain, house ended up full of wet washing and, after months of quick drying in the sunshine, it was a timely reminder that winter approaches. Perhaps I should investigate catheter!

  • It sounds a bit of a mixed bag. Good to get sunshine though and well done if family issues were sorted. That was well worth it.

    Hope you soon feel better. Good weather forecast this weekend !

    Hope there isn't a gene link but it sounds ominous.

    Welcome back. love, Jean x

  • Lovely family photo, glad you all managed to resolve your differences and had a great time together. Nothing like a supportive family. Very worrying about other family members with the same symptoms, please keep us updated on blood test results. Enjoy the last throws of autumn before winter sets in, not a nice prospect I have to say.

  • Thank you all xxxx

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