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Just picked up our travel tickets to cyprus, feels good, I think George is also excited about going. Went down to north London to

Pick them up, I had a few jobs to do, picked us some lovely greek bread, we can't get it up where we live, can't believe that that has made me so happy.

It was horrible driving back in this weather, people were speeding, what is the point.

George at the centre I am sitting on his chair with my feet up watching tv , I had a couple of slices of greek bread with strawberry jam, can't believe it made me feel so good, should of brought extra am put it in the freezer, oh I am sad !!!!!!!!!!!! Yvonne xxxxxx

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  • How exciting, a family holiday to Cyprus. I'm so pleased it is all working out for you.

    It's funny how little things can please us now isn't it. Colin sometimes goes to bed in the afternoon now and if he does, I take my cup of tea into the lounge, switch the TV on and lay back in Colin's chair. Invariably I fall asleep before I drink the tea, in fact twice I have ended up with it in my lap.

    I hope tomorrow is just as good for you.


  • Thank you NannaB silly little things mean a lot, just sitting here looking out the window at the rain, and thinking I won't have to water the garden today.

    Dog snoring, George playing with the remote control, don't think we watch a whole programme, lucky I can record what I want to watch later. NannaB are you feeling better after your bout of shingles?

    Thank you for your kind words, would be lovely if we could all meet up.

    Yvonne xxxxxxx

  • I actually welcomed the rain today. My brother and son layed turf down in an area where we used to have a greenhouse and I've had to water it using the hose pipe. We are now on a water meter so the rain is a bit of a relief, thinking of time and money. Now we have had a good soak I hope it will rain at night in future though.

    We don't have the problem with the remote any more. Colin can't use it at all. We used to have very strange things happening to the TV when he could. For weeks we had an explanation of everything happening for those who are blind. Things like," He gazed lovingly at her, his hand resting on her bleep bleep bleep". It was quite funny but annoying after a while. I couldn't work out how to switch it off and amazingly, one day he did it.

    I feel OK after the shingles but I have two lots of rashes which turned to blisters and scabbed over. Neither of them in the painful area. I have a patch now almost level with the back of my bra and it is very itchy. The other lot was in a strip going from my neck through my hair to the top of my ear. I even went to the hair dresser to look for head lice but she said there definitely weren't any. The Internet said the spots can appear any where and for some time after so I think they must be part of it.

    It would be good if we could all meet up but I guess the blogs will have to do.

    Bev. AKA Nanna B xxxx

  • Enjoy your time. Unfortunately we are unable to do holidays together any longer. Need too much care and facilities don't accommodate to the extent we need. Even long drives are difficult as washrooms are not couple friendly and Jim is unable to get in and do things on his own. I hope you are able to travel like this for a long time to come.

  • It must be amazing to be able to travel to nearby countries! I hope you have an enjoyable trip. When are you going?

  • We are going on the 16th of September until the 22nd September not long but we will hopefully get a rest, I think this will be the last time we go, we have an apartment near the beach, so miss not going, but think George will not be able to go again, he is finding it very difficult to walk, will have the 3 children with us so should be easier. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • NannaB I get a discount off my water bill, we have not got a water meter, but I get a discount because George is disabled, also because George is in a wheelchair we have gone down a band on our council tax, it is worth a try. Yvonne xxxxx

  • How lovely. Have a great time. It will be precious memories to treasure. We have a brilliant turkish supermarket nearby. The bread is so good.


  • That's great Yvonne! I hope it goes really well! Look forward to hearing all about it!

    Lots of love


  • yvonne sorry to say it is very very hot here in southern Turkey right now and I can only think it may be even hotter in Cyprus. fingers crossed it may cool a bit before you get there.


  • Cypress sounds wonderful .have a great time!

  • Enjoy your time in Cyprus should be wonderful, especially having family with you helps take some of the stress away. I am thinking of booking a Mediterranean cruise. Never thought I would fancy a cruise as we are used to independent travelling but seems like a good option for us now, my main worry is does being at sea likely to make his balance worse. Anybody with experience of this? Xx

  • Katiebow we went on a cruise in 2013 to Australia we throughly enjoyed it George was walking with a walking stick, he managed quite well, we went with celebrity cruises they were wonderful a very reasonable, I would recommend them they did everything for us, did not have to worry about anything.

    Pattz my brother lives in Cyprus, my daughter and her family are there, my brother said it is the hottest it has been for a few years, I hope we will be fine in September, should off cooled down,our it is air condition time, don't really like the air condition.

    Yvonne xxxxxxxx

  • Enjoy the trip George will get a lot from it. Best wishes Tim

  • Thank you Tim hope you had a good trip, Yvonne xxx

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