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Not sure if anyone will agree with me? We used the products in the photo to sort out George, it seems to work, the coughing has eased up, the phelm is coming up, the aloe Vera is amazing stuff, my sister in law in Cyprus, is a representative of this company, , you can but it on amazon works for everything. Really think it worked for us and thank you Cuttercat for suggesting the cough medicine. We have pulled george through this horrible illness once again, thank you all for your support. I can feel the love from you all so blessed to have you all in my life. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ Yvonne xxxxx

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Recognize good old Tiger balm!


Jen xxx

Yes so good xxxx

Well done you Yvonne!!

What a relief!

Much love to you both ❤️ X

Thank you Amanda xx💕❤️

Swear by Corvona chesty cough syrup and of course the tiger balm is excellent even just for the smell. Keep up your good work Yvonne. Gold star to you. Sending you a big bear hug Jxx

One back to you xxxxx

Well done, Yvonne. I hope you are getting some sleep now.


Had three good nights Jean, how are you lovely lady? Xxxx

You're doing so well.

Spring is cheering but I really miss Chris.

Someone said to me " you've got your freedom back ". It just feels like emptiness.

Continue sleeping. xxxx

Oh Jean it must be so hard, when you spend so many years with someone, that you love and have so many plans, then along comes psp and takes your dreams away. Sending you a big hug, enjoy the lovely weather. Sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxx

Big hug back. Jean xxxx

I certainly identify with that.The last few years of Don’s life I can remember longing for freedom to get out and do things-for both of us.Now that he is gone and I have that freedom it is just not fun or satisfying to get out.I miss him so much as I am sure you do.

Yes. It still suddenly hits me and I feel devastated again. Its hard, isn't it ? All this opportunity and no motivation !


Jean it is early days, sending you a massive hug, give it time. Yvonne xxxx

Like you I do things but the light has gone out.

Love from Jean xx

Oh Jean feeling sad for you xxxx

Katiebow in reply to doglington

Hi Jean I totally get the way you must be feeling, I often lay on Ben's bed during the day with him next to me in his chair thinking what it will feel like when he's not here. Very morbid I know but pretty normal I guess. Sending you lots of love and a big hug.

Kate xx

Kate I have the same feeling xxxx

doglington in reply to Katiebow

I remember that feeling - a real double-bind because I didn't want him to go on suffering either. We felt he had a worthwhile quality of life until the last few days. How our definitions change !!!

Love and a big hug back, Kate xx

what do you use the Aloe for and what is that between the 2 jars? I better get some Covonia. So far the Benadryl seems to be helping a little . So great that you have found something to help with the coughing.

Spray the aloe Vera into Georges mouth four times a day, the small bottle is CBD oil, Kevin recommended xxxxx

Hi Yvonne. Please that you have been able to improve the symptoms with your remedies.

I'm intrigued by the aloe Vera into mouth, is this for oral hygiene purposes or for other things?

It’s called emergency spray, I think the healing powers of the aloe is good for you, if I have a sore throat, I spray it into my throat, when I get stressed my gums hurt so I spray it onto my gums. We tried using it for George and I think it works for him. We all use it, it is amazing xxxx

Ok thanks, just wondered if you were using it for a specific purpose. Aloe is a great supplement. Mum's taste has really altered so not sure she would like this. I might get some for me though as not seen it in a spray before.

Amazon do it, it really is amazing stuff, it tastes ok really useful thing to have, for burns, i burnt my arm on the wood burner, spray it on straight away, no blister, it has healed so well. Really sure it did George some good, do try it please xxxxx

I wish had known that last week I burnt my fingers. When I back to hospital they popped the blisters! I I send for some to use when the dressing come off. Take care xx

It is really good do try it xxxx

God bless your family. I used to live in Hawaii and Aloe (pronounced Aloee amongst the locals) grew all over our yard. sunburns burns of any kind ? break off a branch and rub the goo on it and you could feel the pain leave immediatly? I never drank it though Im sure its healing remedies work inside and out.

Take care of yourself Yvonne

Do well


You too Andrea sending you a big hug xxxx

raincitygirl in reply to abirke

Right! I remember always bringing home a big bottle of aloe Vera gel when we went to Hawaii..I still have some...

Really pleased that you have managed to settle George. Keep missing you, see you soon xx

Yes Pauline hopefully we can meet up soon xxxx

Hi Yvonne. Covonia cough medicine is what I use for nasty colds, never thought of using it for PSP. Thanks for your post. Good to hear George has got some relief. Hope you are getting some respite too. Love, Nanny857xx

Cuttercat suggested it, really helped. I hate psp so much, taken so much away from our lives xxxxx. How are you? Xxxxx

Apologies Yvonne for not replying earlier. I'm doing ok. Like everyone else I get frustrated at times ie. having to repeatedly tell W to lift his feet and not shuffle (OT's instructions), to speak slowly so I know what he's trying to tell me, to stop stuffing his mouth with food which leads to choking, and also not getting a lot of sleep doesn't help either. You know what it's like, as does everyone else on this forum, but we have to keep smiling for them and keep their spirits up. One simple thing that gets to me is when I see other couples out for a walk, I really miss our walks. Well that's my rant over.

Bought the Covonia cough med to see if it helps W get rid off his phelm, thanks for the advice.

On brighter note are you going to the meet up in June? I'm hoping I can make it this time.

Sending lots of love to you and George xx

Yes going to meet up in June for Amanda’s birthday, George can’t walk anymore, he has now got a urine infection, he was agitated, so tested his urine, lucky we keep an emergency supply of antibiotics. Hope the cough medicine works. Yes seeing other people walking and shopping, hurts a lot. Big hug back to you. Yvonne xxxx hope you can make June in London xxxx

Good post Yvonne - and thanks for the pic - that always helps :-)

Anne G.

Well glad you thought it was useful, I thought George was over this horrible time we have had lately, came to bed at 12 o’clock, he has started coughing and wheezing again, been looking at the clock, thinking am I going to sleep tonight, doesn’t look like it, just given him the aloe Vera and cough medicine, fingers crossed, feeling so tired, white flashing in my eyes, black spots, and a headache for over a week, oh the joys of psp. Yvonne xxxx.

I certainly do sympathize with you esp.about lack of sleep...that wrecks me...and its been a constant lately. Oh well!

Onward ;-)

True about the sleep, feel like you are walking on air. Xxxxx

Thank you very much Yvonne.

This practical information helps a lot in the day to day.



You are welcome xxxx

What sort of aloe vera is it and what is in the small bottle and tubs?

Small bottle CBD oil, tiger balm and the aloe Vera spray xxxx

Thank you for posting this. I'm ordering aloe Vera. Charles is now going through what George is. Trying to get phlegm up. So hard to hear him cough. I'll keep you posted. Will probably not sleep tonight.


Cuttercat so sorry to hear this with Charles and the coughing and phelm, my heart goes out to you, heartbreaking isn’t it. Hope the aloe Vera works for you, psp breaks your heart. Yvonne xxxx

Dear lovely lady, sorry you are going through such a rubbish time, think I am following close behind. Thanks for the med tips I will be getting these things in my ever growing med cupboard, pity nothing is to help stop the progression of this crappy disease.

Sending you a massive hug

Love Katexxxx

Kate sitting here, George is asleep feeling really sad, he looks so quiet, I wonder in he realises that he is going down fast, listening to his chest, the coughing is bad, it’s like when you put food in his mouth, he looks like it’s disgusting, he loved his food. PSP is a hateful illness taken everything xxxxx big hug back to you, and a cuddle for Ben xxxx

So sorry, Yvonne. It was when he no longer enjoyed taste that Chris just gave up. So sad. Big hug from Jean xxx

Jean I am feeling george is heading that way, I am feeling bad, my brother came today and he said George looks bad xxxx

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