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Home after 5days and a joke


Hi all

Archie came home Wednesday and it's been a joke of an holiday with the professional muppets

They filled admission form without us and of it wrong best one is that he needed a translator he's Scottish

Then getting him up without Sara steady cause they said he's fine and can do it

Didn't give his cough assist for 3 days where he has it 3 times a day

Tried to move his bed buzzer from him and his words f ck off

A few more things gone wrong but I took photo evidence of everything

Last 2 hrs before he came home he fell trying to get up nobody watching him

Finally came home and he's got some sores on his bum which he didn't have before and his private parts were not cleaned at all

Had d/n call same day and he's had to stay in bed to be off his bottom

I've had a busy 2 days complaining

Pals are now dealing with it and carers have put a safeguarding in about the ward and also CHC are looking into it dr came yesterday and she also is flagging it up

Oh the joys of of the professional muppets at the hospital

Sue xx

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Oh, Sue, What a time you are having. I am so sorry.

love, Jean xx

Suebatt in reply to doglington

Thanks jean

It's like going on game for a laugh and picking muppets up

Sue x

Sue sorry you are having a hard time. Yvonne xxxx maybe these people need to come and stay with us for a while. Yvonne xxxx

True Yvonne

I truly tell them that they don't know what they are doing and they would be knackered doing what we do

Hope your end is all well

Sue x

How awful for him to suffer in the hands of so called health professionals. I get so wound up reading so many accounts of poor care. Hope his sores are able to heal.

Hopefully this ward will take notice of the complaint and be held accountable

Thank you so do I spiralsparkle

Sue x

Oh Sue I am so sorry. Do you know every other email is complaining about Care Homes, Hospitals, and CCG? It is certainly worse than it was 12 months ago and it was bad then.

Make sure the complaint goes through, and you should ask to meet with the Matron for the Ward.

Hugs to you both.

Marie x

Suebatt in reply to Marie_14

Thanks Marie

She has rang me today and pals have sent her all photographic evidence to back me up so shes going to get back to me when she has spoken to all and if he goes back in again I have to inform her so she comes and sorts a plan out I also said I want carers in cause they care for him better

Sue x

Hi Suebatt

This is awful!

The Safeguarding will shake them to their roots if done properly... and they usually are. Make sure you give evidence. They carry a lot of weight. Police usually attend.

Translator because he said he was a Scott? If so have they heard of the U.K? Were these people British?

If you talk to the Doctor again, "Flagging it up" is not good enough... protocols such as Safeguarding are essential.

Sorry to rant, but after reading you post I sat and drew breath for a long time before posting. Its staggering.

Have you got everything in place at home now?



Thanks Kevin and things all in place at home

The care people put the safeguarding in about how he came home and they told them with everything they have been told they will deal with things

As for the translator the silly muppet didn't even know he was Scottish she tick all the boxes off her own back without asking either one of us

Hope all calm for you and Liz

Sue x

Seems like a merry-go-round but nothing merry about it. Sorry Sue but I am lost for words for once. Love Jx

Once again I am flabbergasted at the appauling care that our poor loved ones have to endure but can't fight their own corner. Shocking shocking shocking!! I feel absolutely dismayed at the recent posts and how we have to fight the system to get good quality care and the funding to cover good care. These 'Muppets' should be ashamed of themselves, there is no excuse that a patient should not be kept clean and develop sores when in their care, how come that doesn't happen at home! The admissions saga is inexcusable and totally unprofessional and transfers not safely done. I'm not surprised he told then in no uncertain terms to F off. I'm losing the will to live after the last few posts, this country is going to the dogs despite all of these tick lists and customer surveys the ask us to complete, what an absolute joke.

My love

A very disgruntled Kate xxx

Hi Sue, what an awful experience at the hands of so called professionals. Thank goodness Archie has you looking after him and fighting for him. Glad he's home now and hope his sores are starting to heal. xx

Suebatt in reply to Nanny857

Thanks nanny857

Yes his sore are just about gone now

I've had no end of people coming in and phone cause I reported the lot to pals best thing I could of done it will be interesting if he has to go back in what they will do

Sue x

Nanny857 in reply to Suebatt

I hope and pray he doesn't have to go back again, but if he does hopefully they will be on their toes getting it right. xx

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