Home from respite!

Well hello everyone I have my mojo back!

Went off with my sis in law for a week of walking in west wales, Rog had live in care, always leave with a heavy heart but realise now these breaks essential.

All went so well, weather ,wine , accommodation,more wine and excellent walking , even saw dolphins in the bay.

Bonus Rog looked so well , we managed a conversation each night, so for anyone putting respite off you will feel recharged, roll on August!

Julie x

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  • Hi Julie, really glad respite is working for you and Roger.

    Lots of love


  • Good news, Julie. I feel same. Knowing I can have another break soon makes all the difference.

    Hang on to the good feelings !!

    Love, Jean xx

  • Well done! I'm very happy for you, Julie. I walked across Wales 40 years ago, and would love to do it again. What landscapes! Wonderful that Rog was in such good fettle, too. Thanks for the happy post. Peace, ec

  • Sounds absolutely marvellous Julie!! I'm so pleased you took this opportunity and that Roger looks so well! Respite is absolutely imperative!! I only wished we'd listened and done this earlier!!!!! X

  • Amanda we all have to find out the hard way that we are not super human? You are the same as everyone else. Unless you do the caring every day of every week you just don't understand the stress levels. It is certainly the worst thing that I can imagine. So hats off to all the great people who manage to do it. Just make sure you take care of yourself too. That's the number one lesson. Hard as it is to understand at first.

    Love to you and your Mum and Dad.

    Marie x

  • lovely to read your comment my husband is going into respite today and feel so guilty because I am excited with time to myself. Meeting friends days out and friends over for a takeaway and some wine. Thanks Julie xx

  • I'm so pleased you managed to enjoy yourself Julie ! Sounded lovely where you stayed .

    Love Jude x

  • I read your post with interest, Cheers re your wine in Wales trip xxx

    I have just had a quote for a live-in carer for a week, but I have been losing sleep worrying about this.

    First, will they look after G properly ?

    Next, I will struggle to leave someone in my home with me not there.

    I think I might give it a try for a few days to see how it goes

    I think that your post has given me that 'push'

  • Hi

    Felt exactly the same ! i really had no choice as when rog went into a nursing home for respite it was unsafe, not all their fault but PSP sufferers as you know need a constant watch, he had about seven falls and they rang to tell me every time and at 4 in the morning to tell me he had pulled out his catheter as no one had put a night bag on!

    I digress, CHC suggested live in i used the company who give daily care, most companies have staff who do just live in. it is difficult to get your head around and it is tinged with overwhelming sadness but boy do you feel better! one to one care works so much better withPSP.

    Have fun!

    Julie x

  • Thanks Julie

    I have been spurred on today and have contacted the organisation that provide live in care and asked them to do some revised quotes which should be happening as I type!

    I have also contacted CHC to request authorization to go ahead,

    Feeling Brave !!

    Pam x

  • So glad it worked out for you both and that you had a refreshing break to recharge your batteries. Had you met the carers before they took the helm and where did you recruit them from. Am very protective of Ben, I know that and would only feel comfortable if I really knew who was looking after him. I realise that in a nursing home you don't have that privilege. I keep thinking how good it would be to have proper time out rather a few hours grabbed when he goes to hospice etc, trouble is I often have stuff I have to do not what I would like to do for part of that time. Think I'll have to get over leaving Ben in the hands of others and try respite, actually doing it is another matter I know.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Hi kate

    I used the same company see previous reply to dottilotti, realistically it is emotionally hard but i always ask myself what is the alternative?

    First time is the worst, but at home they have one to one, his speech was so much better when i returned, i think because they are making more of an effort, it does not last but hey ho!

    Julie x

  • Hi Kate

    I haven't left G yet, plan to do so in July but I have met both carer's that will look after G at home.

    They are employed by our Cambridgeshire Carers Trust, but just available to people living in the Cambridgeshire postcode. However it might be worth approaching your local carers group.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks DL I will research that with local Carers groups. Thanks for the info and enjoy your free time in July. xx

  • Good show Julie~ I am glad you took a long walk ....It sounds like a lot of good walking to be done in the country! It is hard to leave but you are right , is it any easier just staying and becoming depressed and distressed? Take a walk....and come back and tell your loved one the things that you saw and did....it gives them an adventure as well....

    Love and hugs avb

  • Hi

    I have been reading about mindfulness over the last couple of months, not my usual pragmatic attitude to life! they talk of the healing of nature, and acceptance and trying to rethink , i have found it very helpful, it is used widely for anxiety and stress within the mental health services.

    Anyway enough of this need to plant my runner beans when carer arrives!

    Julie !

  • Yes I dont' worship nature but the God who made it ....that being said, I find it most cathartic to go for a good long walk....my kids and I went hiking for Mothers Day.... it was some old haunts my husband, their father, would take us to .....I showed my son how a particular plant , when rubbed against will close its leaves..... cleaned up a apart of the forest that soemone had left after doing an art project....My daughter and son talked about stuff My dog splashed sniffed and discovered all that could be.......I used muscles that have been dormant for 4 years! Yes I'm still sore...but it was worth it!

    We do need to rethink our journey....how do we do it alone ....how do we do it Period! I am learning this day by day......I found a big old snapper turtle on my walk today....took pictures of it and sent it to the kids.....fun and exciting as he almost snapped my phone in two!

    Good luck with your acceptance!


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