hi everyone

after much sole searching i have just come back from a weeks respite, rog went into a local rest home. i spent the week walking the gower with my lovely sister in law drinking wine and eating out! my word do i feel good, and have my mojo back.

all of you thinking about taking respite DO IT! he had a great time, lots of visitors and his speech and conversation is better, no falls!!!!!

much love


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  • well good for you julie! I am so glad your husband had a great time too......six months from now same time same place...why not


  • I'm so pleased it was successful and you have your mojo back. Long may it last Julie.


  • i agree witth what has been said

    ll jilpsp person in uk


  • Julie I understand exactly how you feel, hopefully when I get my respite break I will feel the same and be stronger to cope with everything that lies ahead!

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • Glad your Mojo is still working. Long may it last! X

  • Hi Julie

    So nice to here your respite went well there are good homes out there it's just research and recommendations you have to do and look for well done

    Kind regards

    Jane X Rosemary Lodge residential Home

    Lichfield Staffs

  • hi jane

    wel oome to the sitel

    lol jillxxxx

    PSP person in uk

    ps ,my typing is terrible now

  • We all need are breaks, so hard to arrange but so worth it. I had a long weekend at Easter and returned a new woman!!! Take care and plan the next one


  • Hi Julie glad you had a good break, and feeling ready to start again X.

  • I'm going away for one night this weekend and am already worried. I know it's natural but I can't help it. Hope to enjoy a good nights sleep.

  • julie, I am thinking about doing the same thing with my husband in Sept.

    The hospice said they would respite my husband also. Did you have any problems at all doing this? What is the advice you would give for rest home, what to do or not to do?

  • hi mthteah

    my advice would be if you have'nt already refer yourselves to adult services, they will quickly assess both of your needs and a care plan will be generated. within ours was that i would initially have two lots of respite, they advised level of care needed booked it in advance which gave us plenty of time to go and view, psp is such a unique illness that i spent some time with the manager of the rest home explaining everything. she also visited us at home. a financial assessment will be done i had to pay £200 for the week if the fees are over £450 i have to pay the difference. but this time i just pay the £200. you will know if the place is ok, i just looked for kindness cleanliness good risk assessment and generally the feel of the place. if the hospice are offering i think that would be your better option as there may be no fee, i also get through social services twelve free hours a month, a lovely guy comes in and is happy to take rog out so it works really well. i feel a new woman since returning home and it did rog good too, it was however so hard to leave him as i love the bones of the man,

    much love

    julie x

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