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Thank you all who gave me advice on catheter/convene system. We went for the convene system. It has taken a few attempts, he measured standard when I did it first, but it decided to shrink and ha to go for small. We have done nothing but chuckle at our attempts to get set up. At one stage Pat nearly choked laughing, when I said if I saw that coming at me I wasn't sure whether I would laugh or run. Today we seem to be winning the battle. Thank you again for the advice and support, thought it was nice to post something good instead of a rant


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  • Oh yes, amazing what a retreat can do. The aides at respite managed to make the convene work with an iodine-containing glue, but he got badly stuck one day and it took some care and warm water to free him. I decided I wouldn't risk it as yet myself. Good luck!


  • I had real problems at first getting it to fit, even had to shave him so as not to hurt him when taking it off,. Told him I did not sign up for this and needed more pay. It was really nice for both of us to have a laugh together.


  • Anne I dread to think what you are doing to him! Lol. It is difficult at first but I ended up having to show some of the carers what to do. You will too!

    You can get wipes which are alcohol based which help stick them on. I always used to count to 20 too to make sure it held! We did have a laugh over them at times. They were great until he started to pull them off in the Care Home. He never did that at home but then he gradually got worse hence pulling them off I suppose?

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

    Marie x

  • Ouch...still like my long necked oil funnel method....right out of "white trash" Department, but it worked!

  • Could you tell me the name of the glue?

  • I can call around, sure.

  • Coloplast Conveen Prep Protective Film Wipe. That's the alchol based one. Smells strong but does the trick. You use it before you put the conveern on and then you count to 20 holding the base. They say count to 10 but 20 was definitely better! Plus it made hubby laugh as I made him count too.

    Marie x

  • Thanks!

  • That's OK Christine. Good luck if you use them.

    Marie x

  • Best medicine is laughter...good...hope you keep giggling and finding the lighter side of life...


  • Glad the convene is working for you. I use a no sting skin protection barrier spray and a double sided tape, which helps adhesion. I still cover it in my hands and count to about 50 though.( Better safe than sorry!) Best wishes. X

  • Got to have a sense of humour !!!

    We use the wipes first. Real problem is him pulling it off. When its on it works.

    Jean x

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