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Thank you all and good wishes for 2018

To all of you on this New Year's day:

I am a member of this community for 6 months now; It is six months since my darling wife received her PSP DX and 6 months since I found this site. While I never wanted to be a member here, I also cannot express how much I appreciate you all, and how grateful I am to be a part of this site. Your comments, guidance and practical advice on so many matters has been invaluable. You all know what I am going through before it even happens. I honestly don't know what I would do without your advice and the compassion and empathy that always comes with it.

My heart particularly goes out to those of you who have lost their loved ones this last year, or who are nearing the end stages of this terrible disease. We all struggle and we are all in the same boat, but your pain must be particularly acute. And so many of you have been so kind to me, and to the other newbies here. Thank you all for that.

Happy New Year and thanks for being here for me.

God Bless us all in 2018

Warm Regards,


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Couldn't say it better :-) Happy New Year, Dick.

Anne G.


Hi Dick

What a lovely post.

I would like to add all of those great names, of those now gone or moved on, who welcomed us on board some years ago. Strelley and Jimbo Cabbagepatch and more. Shasha too, though your still with us ;) and everyone in between!

I wish you both the best of it Dick.




Yes, Dick. This is a life saver for so many. It is so lonely being a carer of PSP and it helps so much to know you are part of a world wide family.

Good wishes to you too.

Love from Jean xx


Happy New Year.

As I sat with my dad yesterday struggling to understand every word he spoke trying to pick out each sound and trying not to say pardon or sorry dad I don’t understand. It breaks my heart. I shaved his beard and trimmed his moutstache and cut his finger nails and filed them down.

As I fed him I watched how carefully he swallowed his food so he wouldn’t start choking. I watched as he slowly raised both hands on his drinking cup to his mouth to drink but had to have guidance as he’s struggling with lifting his arms, then choked on his drink.

As I left I had to tell the staff that his trousers were wet through that he needed changing.

I often wonder at night if my dad prays that his life would come to an end. My dad is at the end stages of this disease but I still don’t know what the “end stages” will bring.



A big hug.



Good morning Dick, sorry you are on this PSP site, as it is such a roller coaster disease, but we all stick together lots of information, and very helpful and caring, my brother is going into his seventh year now, I think the only thing I should have done and didn’t is record his voice, it’s to the point now where he speaks very little and can’t understand him anymore. Wishing you both in 2018. Nettie

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Thank you Nettie. That is a great idea.

And one I think my wife would enjoy doing.



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