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Hi, my dad suffers from depression & is on the highest dose of antidepressant. He says he feels lousy & dwells on everything negative (this happened pre psp diagnosis too ) I feel there's a certain amount of self help needed too though, I try to encourage him to watch TV or listen to music/radio at least but he refuses to. He has 2hrs between me leaving and another carer visiting but goes on and on about why I leave at this time. I leave some days just wanting to scream with frustration. I feel do guilty about getting fed up with him when it's him who is ill. I don't even know if this makes sense!

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  • I feel your angst. Sadly part of the condition is lack of interest in things and depression is inevitable. As carers we do what we can but there is only so much we can do. It is worth exploring alternative antidepressants. There is a huge variety of drug options and they work in different ways. So might find a better one if more are tried. Combinations of antidepressants are often beneficial too. Whilst there are recommended maximum doses, in practice, some patient groups can take more than this, as long as the risks are managed appropriately. As I say, worth exploring. Hope you have some luck!

  • Ooh thankyou. His GP wouldn't do any more about it but we do have appts with various health workers soon so maybe they would look into it.

  • I know this is so hard. My husband never complained but he wouldn't look at TV said it was rubbish! Hard to disagree with that to be honest. So tried the radio. He refused to listen to that too. Couldn't or wouldn't read. So everything he had previously been interested in no longer held any interest. It is part of the condition and not something your Dad is doing deliberately.

    My husband was on an antidepressant but it didn't don't seem to work. A month or so before he died he suddenly told me he was depressed. Really clearly too. The GP didn't change his medication however. Hope you can get a doctor who takes it seriously. Just think what life must be like for him however? It used to upset me seeing my clever husband just lying there. Really waiting for death?

    Marie x

  • Thankyou. I know it's too sad. Hes still mobile so we do get out a couple of times a week. We are new to this although looking back he's had symptoms for a year or more. Not sure how much to tell him about the future, but he does know he doesn't have anything to look forward to & doesn't want to be here. It's so hard seeing my dad no longer the dad he was.

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