Next episode!

Well he did the weeding and managed to remove some flowers too! I think as they weren't in bloom he thought they were grass!!😁

Later he called me out to ask about a shrub so told him to leave it alone! It hasn't even bloomed yet! Going to buy him a book about shrubs and flowers! Or give him one of the many I have?

So now he is coming on Saturday to cut back the Leylandi! That was his main job today I thought...silly me!

I told him Saturday as my Granddaughter will be here! He did mention Sunday as an alternative but don't think the neighbours would appreciate him sawing the tops off trees when they want a quiet day?

Interesting as he told me today was the only day he could do them!! Suddenly he can do them on Saturday and Sunday!

I will only get a free week next week and he will be back! Could go off him you know? He did redeem himself a bit when he said he had promised to go and see his Nan today so would come back to cut the Leylandi. They will probably be soaking wet on Saturday! 😁

This might turn into a book at this rate?

Marie x

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  • Hi Marie

    I think it's a case of he's got the hots lol

    At least your granddaughter is there on Saturday

    Sue x

  • Sue

    Well I don't know what he's got but at least he won't be ripping me off for all the work! Seriously glad about that! When I said my Granddaughter would be here on Saturday he asked me how old she was! 😀 Will have to protect her. Either that or he was trying to figure out how old I am or maybe both?! I am not young that's for sure and he knows my daughter so I am now assuming he thinks she is younger than she is? Mind you she does look younger than she is. Maybe he thinks if she splits up with her partner he has a chance but wants to make sure what his Mother-in-law would be like? 😅

    Marie x

  • lol Marie

    Tell him to get a magazine about gardening re shrubs and weeds or what hasn't bloomed yet when he gets stuck in what's what to read

    Hopefully he gets the message he's only the gardener

    I'll be thinking of you Saturday and await your next chapter

    Sue x

  • We are due rain tomorrow. Can't remember what the forecast is for on Saturday. So it might be next week or the week after before he does it? Not too bothered about it as you can imagine! 😊. Could do with a break from this! It was funny but now feeling a bit uncomfortable. God knows what the neighbours must think I am having done?

    Don't dare laugh!

    Marie x

  • Ok I won't 😂🤣😅😂 Marie


    Hope it goes ok for when he's there again

    Put like sticks where he doesn't do and aren't weeds then just say your busy just let you know when done

    Sue x

  • Sorry... have to (:

  • haha a real page turner !




  • He has never seen her Audrey! Plus he is much too old for her...she has just turned 14! Maybe will have to lock her up just in case!

    Marie x

  • How old is he? I would lock her up but if she is the typical 14 year old she might want to flirt with him. You never know. Can't trust teens.

    Audrey xo

  • Think he is 31 so much too old! She has never had a boyfriend and he is not a boy!

    Marie x

  • Keep them apart. Beginning to think he is playing games.

    Audrey x

  • Audrey, think Tim has got him about right!

    Marie x

  • He is sounding like just a pretty face... the lights are on, but nobody's home kind of guy. Maybe there's a made for TV movie in your future lol.

  • You know what I think you are right Tim. No doubt he will grow up when the he is in his 40's like most men do? 😁

    Very observant of you! Now I just hope he doesn't cut himself with the electric saw! Not very good at first aid now.

    Hope you are keeping well?

    Marie x

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