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fFeeling Blue

Feeling really low. I have just had to cancel a bowling holiday with our friends who bent over backwards to find a place with a disable friendly room, in an area that was flat and suitable for a wheelchair. With me having had blackouts and B. getting worse since it was planned, it is not a good idea.

B. has told me that he was sent from Heaven to teach me patience. I told him that it wasn't working! I think he was letting me know that he realises that I am struggling at present. -

(While I was typing this one of my friends came round to give me a hug. Bless!)

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I am sorry you are feeling blue a huge Hug! It sounds like you have wonderful friends. There will be other times. When one is sick home is the best place.

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Good friends are worth their weight in gold. I really value those who are there for us.

Its hard every time we have to let something go.

Big hug from Jean xx

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I know how you feel am feeling low too x

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Hi Robbo

A hug really helps :)

We had to give up on holidays because I would not be able to cope with the care / behaviour. I feel really bad about that, but us both 'surviving' is more important.

Ah, that patience thing. Yes, PSP can put me under a lot of time pressure and then I Have go very slkowly. It can drive me crazy!

Waiving warmly



Ribbo thinking of you, it is horrible when you have to cancel holidays, sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxxx


Robbo, it is so hard when you have to cancel something you have planned and are looking forward to. Unfortunately there comes a time when you can't plan anything too far in advance. Just take advantage of any short notice activities that crop up.

Thank God for friends who give you hugs.


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Thank you everyone for your support. It is much appreciated. We have another conference\ fun week planned, which may go the same way. It's good to have folk who know the angst of giving in to PSP whilst fighting it at the same time. Exhausting!


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