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Funding/No funding

The letter said we had not got CHC, but joint funding with the NHS, for nursing care. Our care provider was told they would pay for half the care needed.

...Now I have been told that we are not getting joint funding, but B. will get funding for me to have respite if I become ill.

Luckily, I hadn't agreed a contract with a care provider thinking that half of the cost would be paid. How can they change their minds like that?

B. has been in hospital for two weeks with pneumonia. He is weaker and will need extra care when he gets home later.

I am going to appeal against this. What a nightmare, as if there will not be enough to do. Things have slipped due to my travelling to the hospital every day too.....bugger! (Oops! Sorry!). X

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Omg!! Doesn't sound good!!

I'm hoping Kevin will pop up and advise 🙏



Hi Robbo

CHC cannot do things like 1/2 funding.

There is another funding for nursing care which is much smaller and fixed in rate.

I'm sorry B is so poorly.

The respite funding is probably the Carers Support from the Soc. Services. It should extend to getting breaks too. It's not means tested.

You are right to appeal.

Can I help?

No problem if not.

PM me if you want't




Once again Kevin you've explained simply beautifully!! I couldn't understand how this happened!! You really should be given a crown and some, for all the amazing help and advice you give us all!! Thank you darling x


How disappointing and upsetting.

Do appeal. Get everyone you can on the case with you. Have you a hospice near you to help your case. This is a progressive disease with many attendant medical needs. Choking, inability to eat, sores, vulnerability due to lack of mobility/eyesight. Good luck.

God bless. Marie


That is terrible! The CCG's are all saying they haven't got enough money for the demands placed on them. Meanwhile the Government are not giving the NHS the money it really desperately needs.

I keep hoping someone will start a petition on the government petition website but as far as I am aware it hasn't happened. Would do it myself but can't cope with it at present.

Marie x


Too right bugger .Appeal and quote them chzpter and verse that they HAVE to take into account the progressive nature of the illness . Its in their own guidelines . Did you contact Beacon as well ?

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Please appeal, I know it's very draining I had to appeal for mum. Get everybody involved in the meeting. I rang age concern and a gentleman represented us he was amazing I also got the NEuro enablement team and mums Parkinson's nurse involved. None of us should have fight like this xxxx

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Thank you everyone. I got a letter this morning saying:-

," We recently wrote to you to confirm that (B) was entitled to a joint package of care....

.....it has been identified that there are no healthcare needs which require funding by NHS Sheffield....,.however, (B) is still entitled to receive mainstream/ generic NHS services i.e. District Nursing, Acute Care etc.

I am too miserable to cry and too exhausted to ring Beacon. I have told my doctor and she is going to follow it up.

B. was sent home from hospital yesterday having had pneumonia and a UTI. In their wisdom, they gave him 2 Laxido each day, even though he had been put on fluid peg feed only. They didn't adjust this medication despite runny bowels, sending him home with the inevitable consequences during the day and night. This morning he had blood in his Night bag.

Looking on the bright side, at least it's sunny and I can get the washing dry!!!

Yours very depressed. Rx

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Hi robbo1

Sorry that you are fighting a battle with all the idiots that think the know best

I got some sound advice from this site and Kevin told me that there is an item in psp site for guide lines for CHC funding I printed it off and gave to them cause they don't listen either

I hope that you go back in for it again and things get a bit better for you

Sue x


Oh, its disgraceful. I could cry for you.

Big hug in sympathy, Jean xx


I am so sorry . That sucks!. I have had two letters in one day both written on the same day by the same department. One saying my funding is denied and one that it is approved. Where do they find these people whos left hand does not know what the right hand is doing? Do not give up your dealing with idiots sooner or later will get it right.


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