First fresh air for 2 weeks

First fresh air for 2 weeks

Managed to take M out for a walk in the fresh air for first time in 2 weeks (combination of bad weather and chest infection). New winter wear for M and her wheelchair arrived today so had to try them out. Temp 5C wind 30 mph on shore high tide at Rhyl, M snug as a bug, only problem is I froze must remember gloves. Her smile was great even got a squeak of a laugh when a wave splashed us. A bit of PSP light relief.


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  • Beautiful!! Fresh air at the sea,nothing like it!! X

  • Yes, this weather, it's a bit of a shock to the system, after such a glorious Autumn.

    Lovely that you managed to get M out. I never seem to get the chance during the week, always have something going on. Still there's the good olde Tesco run tomorrow!

    Lots of love


  • Tim nice fresh air, like heady says no time to do anything during the week, heady good old tesco xxxxx. George has got another urine infection so fed up bad few days, no centre today, pyjamas day for me and him xxxxx

  • Aww Yvonne such s**t!!! Dad has another chest infection, 4th in 2 months!!

    Think like this, at least your in the warm and cosy!! It's really cold outside today! X

  • Well I don't knwo what Tesco is but dad simply refuses any going to functions.....I'm glad M got to go out Tim not only does it do her good but you as well!

    weather as wierd there as here?

    Wednesday it was 90*F (32C) in Denver, Yesterday they had snow! We haven't had much of an Autumn since we've had no cool days to set trees in Fall Color Mode...but it's still lovely today its 58*F I might take dad...B out for a ride with the dog......We take her on "walks" together by going to our favorite little bridge that overlooks the drying up river (no rain either) I let dog out and we drive the long quiet road while she runs along her up to 20mph (33kmh) for long stretches.... pace her at about 15mph (24kmh)! Talk about the old folks method of walkin the dog!!! hahahha But anyway Tim , I'm glad ya'll got out...

    many happy walks


  • something about the ocean brings such calm....nice winter wear


  • Wow Tim, you and were brave, used to like a nice bracing wind!!! lovely you got out but think I might have stayed in the warm

    Love Debbie xxx

  • As you say Debbie bracing but we had to try the new kit out M was warm and next time I will have my hiking kit so will be prepared. I wanted to give M some much needed fresh air, after 2 weeks stuck in an overheated nursing home she really liked it.


  • Great photo - I can practically smell the salt air. It looks might brisk out there!

  • Lovely! Thank you for sharing that happy time.

  • That certainly looks bracing but once you make the effort to get out it does do a power of good, just have to get motivated in the cold wet weather. You'll have to ask santa to get you a matching outfit to keep out the weather.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Thanks Kate but have the hiking gear but had not brought it with me. The parcel had arrived in the morning so we had to try out the kit for M. I just had not realised the wind chill factor on my hands. As you say bracing but great for M to get out.


  • I admire your determination, Tim. M looks comfy. Took C out yesterday too but it was a lovely autumn day here in London.

    Must get Chris a cover like you have. I just put his long johns on !! [ on him , not me ! ]

    love, Jean x

  • Hi Jean if you are interested in the winter wear for C try Google "wheelchair leg cosy" got M a weatherproof leg cosy and a weatherproof poncho. Both either fleece or wool lined.

    Less than £50 took about 5 days to come other types available as they say on the radio.


  • Thanks. I will do it now. Prepared for once.

    Jean x

  • ewell mate amilazy I would say that m enjoyed that # nice and cosy matey and she and you probably did hear her laugh I say It done her the# world of good peter jone# q.l.#d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpsp; sufferer

  • Thanks Peter hope you are as well as can be expected, not too hot yet for you in Qld. Glad to hear from you.

    Best wishes Tim

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